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Should felons who have served their time be allowed to vote again.

Should felons have their voting rights restored?

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Feb 4, 2005
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Several states do not allow felons who have served their time to vote. After a person has repaid their debt to society should they have their full rights restored?
I wrote this poll in reply to this thread. My opinion is that yes they should have their full voting rights restored after they have repaid their debt to society. Moreover, I find it odd that a state can stop a person from voting in a federal election as opposed to just stopping them from voting in a local election.
Yes, felons who have served their time should be allowed to vote. Remember, our gov't is supposed to be 'of the people, for the people', and last time I checked, felons are people too.
If people want the same rights the rest of society has, they should make sure they protect them. They had a choice not to become a felon, so they gave up their right to have a say in our government and law making. When you give them the right to vote it isn't just for President or Senator. State and local issues are in the mix also.
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I think it should be up to each state. The felony in question is about states really. If the state does not want to give that 'right' back to them they should not be required.

In Texas they loose that privledge and I agree.
I think it should be a state issue also. For me, it would depend on the felony you were convicted of in the first place. Otherwise, if you kept a clean record for 5 - 10 years after completing your sentence, I have no problem with it.
Well, I think that they should be allowed to vote. They don't give up other constitutional rights after they have been incarcerated, and I don't think that they should loose this one. Do we tell women who have been incarcerated that they don't have the right to have an abortion, no-same applies here.

However, it is a state issue until a constitutional amendment is brought up.
hay while wear at it why don't we go ahead and give felons back the right to bare arms. hay and we can make sure sex offenders are living next to schools. theirs a reason thay made these laws who are we to change them, if felons wanted this rights thay shouldn't have committed the crimes.
i agree, you know if you get charged with a felony you loose cirten right such as the right to vote are have fire arms, you do the crime you face the punishment.
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Once someone has served their debt to society, and is released back into society, they should be able to resume as a full functioning member of society.

Many of us aren't carrying a record due to luck, not behavior. "Judge not."

Most criminals don't go to prison "pay their debt to society" and then come out in to the world as upstanding citizens. They come out as better criminals. This a flaw in the system and until it is repaired I don't think they should be allowed guns.
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