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Senate candidate says: U.S. out of U.N.


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May 19, 2004
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Source: WND

The U.S. should get out of the United Nations, says a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida, and he has launched a nationwide petition campaign to rally support for the cause.

Larry Klayman, a Republican and founder of Judicial Watch, is making the U.N. crusade the cornerstone of his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Bob Graham. He faces Bill McCollum, Mel Martinez, Doug Gallagher, Johnnie Byrd and Karen Saull for the Republican nomination. Democrats running in the Aug. 31 primary for a chance at the seat include Peter Deutsch, Betty Castor and Alex Penelas.

No argument here - UN is a waste of Taxpayers money.
Hold up gentlemen, not so fast. Now, we can't keep taking the world's matter into our own hands. We can't police the world, we can't feed the world, we have too many issues at home that need resolved. Let's come down a little. Why don't we let the UN do their jobs instead of dictating them. Like pulling them out of Baghdad too fast...etc..
Like pulling them out of Baghdad too fast...etc..

The UN is in Baghdad?
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