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[San Francisco] The Problem with Parking Tickets

“San Francisco issues almost 30% of all parking tickets in California – even though we are just 2% of the state.” — email, Phil Ting, San Francisco Assessor-Recorder

But, Phil, we're a high density 2%.

Clearly, the city's strategy, during this period of budgetary duress, is to pay for vital public services through revenues gleaned by unaware automobile owners living in or visiting our beautiful city. It's the moral equivalent of a speed trap, but, only for those traveling 0 mph. It's one of those little hidden costs of modern economic downturn life which probably won't go away even after things get better.

And, hey, if you're an ambitious politician and you want to get your name out there in a more positive light than it currently does as the signature at the bottom of our annual property tax bills, thanks, Phil, for your service, then railing against parking tickets is almost certainly a winner.

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Dec 21, 2009
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If people would pay attention to what they're doing and read the signs regarding prohibited parking, there wouldn't be a problem. I've never met a person who got a parking ticket, who didn't deserve it.


Jan 13, 2011
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Yeah every parking ticket i've received I deserved. But with that said, parking is way to expensive in these big cities. It sux to be poor...
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