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Sad state of The forth Branch of Government.

Diving Mullah

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Jun 9, 2011
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I travel a lot and one fun hobby of mine is to compare how different news agencies and institutions treat news in different country differently. One thing that I often notice is disasters, no other country but US does this..... For example...."50,000 people died in the Tsunami that was initiated in mid Pacific and hit the Indianan, among them 3 Americans!" Somehow the news of 50,000 people dying is not as sad as 3 Americans dying. Now you could argue the merits of this...but that is not the issue, another thing that I noticed is how the content of the news is actually different. below are some great examples...






I'm sure these decisions about the cover of a magazine are not done lightly, but generally given the sad state of magazines in this country, I can see those decisions were in error, and I'm just wondering is the fool following the blind the or the fool telling the blind where to go!!!

Diving Mullah
This is a country that watches Honey Boo Boo.

This is a country where the "History Channel" showcases a fake pawn shop, sensationalized truckers, and two gomers picking through trash as "history."

This is a country where a large contingency of men can name who the last five Super Bowl winners were, but can't name their state's Governor.

So you're surprised that Time Magazine has to dumb down their articles to entice the dumb American masses to buy it?
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