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Ron Paul Gets Serious:

While Republicans have known to follow the money ever since the early 1900s, various activist groups have infiltrated the cult of RINOs as Republicans are now often called in Conservative circles.

David and Charles Koch along with other Billionaire financiers, think tanks, conservative foundations, and third party advocates, set out to change the topic of conversation in politics forever during the height of the 2008 elections. After organizing town hall meetings, rallies, press conferences, media appearances and stealing the 2010 Mid Term Elections, it was undeniable, the Tea Party was here to stay, they were a voice to be reckoned with. The idiotic Republicans welcomed this new branch of crazy with open arms!

Now, the same thing again appears to be happening. Instead of getting out a moderate message where people can actually understand what a Republican is, and why we believe what we believe. Party leadership is embracing the dangerous and often hypocritical stance of Libertarianism. We are introducing people to a whole other fringe group of people before the general public understands what the Republican Party is! The Republican Party which used to stand for a strong military, common sense governing, and bipartisanship has been replaced. The type of Republican, which I am, has been replaced by people who scream at the government for everything little thing, and remains silent on everything else the government does. While not raising taxes is a feel good slogan for conservatives, it is literally impossible to do so in reality! Among all the calls for cutting certain government programs in the 2012 primaries by various far right tea party members, it has gone unnoticed and unappreciated because the Tea Party didn’t explain their position well enough for the voters.

Now, six years later, the Tea Party power appears to be waning. Replaced again, by more vocal and younger libertarians. Libertarian hero, Ron Paul is organizing a private meeting at his house in Texas this weekend. It has a familiar tone. Activists, libertarian thinkers, leaders, politicians, and even a few Hollywood stars will be in attendance! Why? To raise money for the libertarian cause, and to propel Rand Paul into the White House. We are beginning to see the same thing that happened with the Tea Party, happen with the Libertarian Movement.

In the coming months you will see Town Hall meetings, libertarian activists on TV, Rallies, Press Conferences, and certain members of the media thinking positively about Libertarian thought. This is the most dangerous over-looked meeting in modern politics. I think we will look back at this meeting in history and realize it was when the Libertarians actually banned together to form a “reputable” voice in politics.

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