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Right to be a Rule of Law City

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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Overall a good read with the exception of this

Holding people who hire undocumented workers responsible for their illegal acts would be the key, but it can be done without much difficulty. With today's computer chip technology, we should easily be able to create identification cards based upon people's fingerprints or even the irises of their eyes such that the cards could not be falsified. So there would be no excuse for hiring people who do not have proper identification. And once we have that workable system in place, we could also exclude permanently from admission to the country those non-citizens who persist in violating our laws.

A bit 1984ish for my taste at the federal level anyway.

Judge Jim Gray - It's A Gray Area: Right to be 'Rule of Law' city - by Judge Jim Gray
I am totally against ID cards with fingerprints and other biometric data on it. I think the scum in office are merely using the illegal immigration issue to sucker people into what they think is giving the government an inch(we all know how people will use a inch to take a mile). If a company is dishonest enough to hire illegals then apparently a new ID is not going to make them obey the law. Its the same principal as banning or severely restricting law abiding citizens from owning firearms under the guise of keeping them out of the hands of criminals.
Data of any kind can be hacked into, copied, spoofed, falsified. The person quoted stating the contrary, IMO, is only acting out of calming potential fears, not out of truthfulness.
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