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Reviewing for Understanding - The Elements of American Democracy

We live, we work, we pay taxes and we build value in our society.
The Preamble tells us,
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This is the system designed to be Representative Governed. We adopted a system of Capitalism, that each person may earn their way, and be a contribute to the advancements of the nation. In this system, the Governance System takes on roles to 'assist" and "to help", by the design of programs that can help the challenged and disadvantaged, the sickly, through its uses of our resources gained from taxation.

That however does not make us a Socialist System, nor will we become a socialist system. We flourish because we are a productive system, and from our production we pay taxes, that perform the duties of the Preamble. Yet, it does not lend itself to being a system of socialism, though it can have by and through our taxation a support for "health care" and "education"... neither which is "free". Yet, both can be aided by resources from taxation, to assist all to have access to these systems that promote the general welfare of society. Again, not all is free.. Public Schools are supported by Property Taxes, higher education uses resources of grant funding for support of programming, but the cost of attendance is the responsibility of the individual. (Should we manage those cost, "yes", but the provisions of such education cannot be free, However... we did have a system where 2yrs, was provided at very low to limited cost in Community Colleges, but that was aided by resources from taxation and contribution from business and industry supporting programming, that benefited business and industry, with a nominal fee per student. During the stages of the Industrial Revolution and the Beginning of the Technology Revolution through the 1970's, many State Universities functioned in like to how the support was provided for Community Colleges. This came to be of change, when Industry and Technology has gained its threshold of stability, and saturated its ranks of the skills needed for its stability. Then the reduction of tax revenue and the reduction of business and industry revenue was lessened, which increased the cost per student to attend.) Today, we still have public schools supported by property tax funds, and other taxation funding support, whereas the cost of community colleges has lesser funding by taxation, and more fee based programming for students, to facilitate this we have a system of "student loans"... which assist in student expense to cover college level expense. (if we are to do something, it is to bring some cost controls to the university system, and better distribution to universities of grant funds to be available with better means to dispense these grant funds across our nation wide university system, but that does not mean the University attendance will be 'free" or without cost to the student.

Likewise so with Health Care... it will not be "free" or "without cost", but that cost can be managed and structure for management, but that also is of need to use resources to lend and make grants to medical professionals, to increase the spread of "systems that use advanced technology", such as creating across the nation a program where medical professions can have for example, facility that can have multiple MRI machine, and other such types of equipment to increase service accessibility, which drives down cost.
We can mirror system like Medicare, where each pays into the system through payroll deductions as exist today, and once issued a card, each has a monthly fee that is to be paid outside of what is deducted from payroll. Example: based on income ratio's that can range from $200 per person or be based on % of take home income based on number of members in the family, this can be divided between what is required of the husband and what is required of the wife; if it is a single family home, then it may get some subsidy, but still a cost per family member is still required.
This brings as well with it responsibility, where as, if one expects to have a large family, they must know what the cost will be for the cumulative total expense for each family member.

These things tell us, there will be no "Universal Socialism in Democracy that has been designed with a exchange system of Capitalism... but it will be a Democracy that incorporate the duties laid out in the Preamble.

There is the necessity for and of the discerned difference in understanding as to what it means to "Promote The General Welfare". To promote does not mean, fully support, but to be contributory as in to promote... to promote requires the investment of the individual.
(( Promote = "further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage." )) The support element is dimensional, which means, to support those who cannot support themselves, such as "the sickly", the children who are in destitution, including those who suffer such, due to conditions of the inability of the parents or the absence of parents, and provide care for the elderly. We have this in place already, with Medicaid, Medicare and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Therefore there will be not remaking America into a Socialist System as such we've seen that brought down many nations over many decades of such nation wide experiments. It simply does not work as a nation wide system. Thus so, the programming we have which is designed to: "Promote the General Welfare" is the Answer in a Democratic System that has Capitalism as a Economic System of compensation and medium of exchange.

To respect the value of which many ignore to understand of what is the Preamble... is the confusion that drive expectation to not respect the provision already allowed and set as a standard within the Preamble...which states, 'Promote the General Welfare", and we have a Congress of Elected Representative, who have set out and designed programs that can and do perform those functions, and the performance of those functions is not Socialism, it is a means and program that "Promotes the General Welfare"... and in doing so, it does not...negate the performance of the Economic system of Capitalism and the Free Enterprise that Capitalism facilitates.

Therefore again... I propose that within the "promotion of the general welfare"... We make improvements in how programs to do so can elevate our citizen population to a higher level of individual performance, and individual contribution and individual investment in the labors that make our nation prosper. That we may continue to Secure the Blessing for our Posterity.

We have programs such a Job Corp and other such skill training and skill development programs, which is in support of the promotion of the "General Welfare", by equipping people with the ability of skill training and development, that they may become and be productive contributors into what is American Society, in and under the structure of our form of Democracy within a Republican system of Representative Governing Elective's.

To Improve what we have, we can remake and improve, through an idea !!! such as; "A CIVIC CORP" Developing a Responsible and Contributory Society for the Future.

First within the process of developing "Change"... we must give in depth regard to what is "Civics Education" that addresses what is Democracy, how it functions by and through the Republic System of Representative Governance, and how our Economic System function by the program of Capitalism.

If Bernie Sander, grasp the fact that America is not going to be Socialist, when he labels himself as a Socialist Democrat... it is a conflicting title that itself defeats itself.

Democracy in America already has within its Preamble, the responsibility and duty to "Promote The General Welfare" and we have Elected Representative who function in Congress to develop, administer and invest in programs that are of design to Promote the General Welfare. And this Does Not equate to be Socialism... it is performance of the duties laid out in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States.

Our System of "TAXATION" must be made fair !!!! - Plain and Simple.... Business and Industry should not be allowed nor permitted to skirt and subvert their responsibility to pay their taxes. The same as the individual is not to be allowed nor permitted to skirt and subvert their responsibility to pay their taxes. PERIOD!!!!! This includes organizations of "Religion"... there should be a threshold of generated revenues that is necessary to sustain the Religious Organization core basics, such as facility and operation of facility, but above that amount... then the additional generated revenue is responsible to pay taxes!!!! Religious Organizations benefit as does business and as does citizens to what is America, its system and what its government has established in the Civic Systems of this nation. We must "rethink" the elements and standards of "tax exemption" as it relates to Religious Institution.
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