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Liberal Fascist For Life!
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Mar 5, 2008
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Sarasota Fla
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I am a small town person, grew up on a farm. Spent 6 years in the Navy working on avionics systems and as a troubleshooter for F/A-18a/c's. Got to see the world, or at least those parts of it around the Mediterranean and Middle East. First on station Operation Desert Shield/Storm. On Eisenhower when it became first nuclear carrier through the Suez Canal. Left after 6 years as an E-5(second class petty officer). I work in the automotive industry, supplying parts to GM, Chrysler and Toyota.

Politically, I am very liberal. I believe in the right to have an abortion, to worship as you choose, to own guns, to say what you want. I believe that government can and should be a positive force for society. I think that we are responsible to make the government, and that the cynicism we direct towards our government should in fact be directed inward. We choose our government.

I am not defined by being liberal however. I am liberal since my beliefs align most closely with liberal ideas and ideals. However, just because liberals tend to believe something does not mean I do. I also think that we do live in a real world, and that means that sometimes compromise is necessary. Better to give on an issue and get some things accomplished than stand on principles and get nothing accomplished.

In my free time, I enjoy reading the internets, watching wrestling, playing MMO's, the attention of cats, and extreme metal music.
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