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We reconvened this afternoon over lunch. More of the siblings and more of their friends. The girls a bit angry and venomous, but temperatures ameliorated with home made breads and lemonade. When told I had neanderthal attitudes, I replied, "no Denisovan." Brought some laughs to the table after some searching with their smart phones. I reiterated the original theme, technology has changed the roles for women. One of the girls immediately said, "and the same for men." I then asked how many of those present did not come from a family with two working parents. One of the girls chimed in with "My father doesn't work, he's a politician." More chuckles, and tone of the gathering mellowed. I then said to them, "the changes brought by technology, I am not judging. Nor am I judging the differences between traditional roles and current status. I am interested in where you will take the further changes of the technologies you grew up with, take for granted, and how your attitudes will effect the future, from our lower birthrates, video game obsessions, inequality for women in technology creation, and they why's of everything said." Then I shut up. The boys were far more confused than the girls during the ensuing conversations. But they were all a bit confused.

My wife was impressed to hear them all thinking out loud, often shy early teens outspoken about how technology has left them feeling isolated at times, yet excited by the stimulation. Expressing repeatedly, their teachers were holding them back by being ignorant about how they, the teens, were using technology advances. I had made my point, and my goals of expanding point of view was successful for the moment. It will be interesting to see if the conversations continue, and where the conversations go.

They have all grown up using Apple products. So before the afternoon conversation ended, I asked, "Now that Sir Johnny Ives has stepped down, why hasn't a women designer succeeded him at Apple?" and left that hanging in the air for them as they left for the afternoon.
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