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rantrant .. Im Chuck .. old debate forum died


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Jan 18, 2005
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My old debate forum died, so here I am.

I'm a right wing conservative with the intent on becoming a nationally credited pundit and devoting my life to the total destruction of the democratic party -- no just kidding -- but I am a raging Republican. Atleast I admit it.

Supporter of the Iraqi war in that Saddam was a menice to the international community, had the intent on getting his hand on weapons of destruction, and being in full kahoots with the Islamic Militants that "magically" appeared in every corner of his nation. Wish someone other then the director of the CIA would take responsibility for telling me he had weapons, but I guess we are getting used to being lied to by our government anyway -- by the right and the left. Figure it's better that way anyhow.

In 100% opposition of roevwade, and any form of abortion once o' ever. The only time an abortion should be accepted is if it is consented to by a group of her peers (preferably priests), and if the reason she is pregnant is because she was in no way consentual to the sex that created the .. say it with me now .. CHILD. In more direct terms, she was raped. roevwade was obviously a careless ruling, and like they say, because of that ruling in the first and second trimester, a woman can kill her child for no reason, and in the third trimester, a woman can kill her child for any reason. Three generations of children deceased because of this carelessness, let's end it, now.

There is absolutely no proclaimation of a seperation between church and state in any documatation of this great country. I do however think that an infringement on someones belief is also out of the question. More then 95% of the people in this country believe in a DEITY. The pledge of allegence doesn't say "under Jesus" or "under Allah" it says "under God" -- quit your whining, and stop torturing kind Christians like myself, who want to be able to tell any other person Merry Christmas without having Bush hating secularists like the "ACLU" (anti-christian liberatarian union) tell me that I am forcing my relgion on someone else. Also, you don't need to pick on the true American Boyscouts, because they didn't accept your gay-sex invitation when you were a part of them as a kid. Give it up.

Bush won the election by the greatest amount of votes ever placed in the history of our country. You don't need to cry because you're not getting the ability to throw rocks at him at his inaugaration. If you buy a ticket, you get to attend -- period. "Well four years ago,I didn't have a ticket and I got to attend." Think about what has happend in that time period, and maybe you can fit into that stubborn brain of yours why we don't want, except who is registered (ticket holders), to be close to the most important human being to the free world, maybe even the whole planet.

"Well well! Bush doesn't actually have a mandate because only 30% of people picked him because they really wanted to! The rest did it just because they didnt like kerry!" Listen to yourselves. You sound like little annoying blonde in highschool trying to get elected as class president. Leave the politics to the people who know what they were talking about, especially you Cher. If sonny were here, he'd slap you in the face.
Welcome to Debate Politics. :)


I get all giddy when a fellow conservative joins up.

Sorry to hear about your old forum, were you the admin?
vauge said:
Welcome to Debate Politics. :)


I get all giddy when a fellow conservative joins up.

Sorry to hear about your old forum, were you the admin?

I sure was.
Yes, we grow stronger everyday. HAHA.

Welcome. Happy January 20th, National NA NA NA NA NA We Won the Election Day! :D
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