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Python Bites Man's Penis While He Goes To Bathroom (1 Viewer)


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Dec 27, 2014
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Python Bites Man's Penis While He Goes To Bathroom
Python Bites Man's Penis While He Goes To Bathroom | FOX Sports

I still look for snakes every time I go to the bathroom. Hell, my mom has me so terrified of snakes that I won't even go walk in high grass if I lose a golf ball. I totally expect to get bitten every time I go on a hike outside. I've only seen one snake in the wild in the last ten years and I nearly fainted. Basically, me and snakes aren't friends.

So you can imagine my horror when I get on Twitter this morning and see that a man in Thailand got attacked by a python while he was using the bathroom. Where does this penis attack news come from? CBS, the Tiffany network of Walter Cronkite. (I love how many of you see a snake biting a man's penis and immediately think, "Gotta make sure Clay see this.")
The story is weird, freakish, but in the sports section??
Can he use the woman's now? :mrgreen:
Okay, perhaps my day was not so bad.
One more good reason not to sit when you pee.
Leave the python attached, it could serve as a replacement.
What does this have to do with politics?

This is the kind of story that you usually see in the papers in the checkout lines at the supermarkets.
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Now consider this
Sitting having a relaxing BM then whamo.
Kerist on a Krutch, the pain he was in. And still able to work at prying that critter off his Richard.
1 tough mother.
At least a python is non venomous

I heard about a man bitten on the pecker by a rattlesnake.
His buddy phoned the paramedics, "What do I do?"
"If you don't suck the venom out, your buddy will die."
"What did the paramedic say? What did he say????"

"He said you're going to die."
What does this have to do with politics?.

This electoral season - everything. Vote for X or giant Made-in-China Muslim Mexican snakes from Wall Street will get your penis.

(The Evil Establishment keeps them as pets)
Man bitten urges friend to go get a doctor...Friend runs to doctor. Dr says you must bite the wound and suck out the venom.

Friend hurries back to stricken friend...

Victim says...what did the Dr, Say?

Wait for it...

Dr. says you're gonna die!

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