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Being in retail sales you see alot of society and the various people that inhabit it. One of the things that I regularly notice is that people fail to prioritize on whats important. Yesterday I had a customer that wanted to buy a pre-paid cell phone. I went through the process of asking if she had service with the carrier or not. She said no that she is just replacing the phone. So I respond by saying "Oh so the phone is broken and needs service or something?" Her response was simply "No I just wanted to change out my phone". I didn't think much of it since this happens regularly until she said that she shouldn't be really doing this since I have to buy diapers for my son. Mind you the cell phone in question was $129.99 plus 8% sales tax.

Maybe it's me but if I had children and I had to buy items that my kids needed they would come first over my own materialistic needs. It's not just young parents, alot of people are like that in general. The most common one is buying something expensive then complaining about having enough money for rent or food. Maybe it's the way on how I was brought up or my experiences in college but discretionary income was to come after you paid for all your necessities first. I normally don't care because it's not my business on how others live but this mentality sometimes translates into votes. Why become self dependent when the Government and tax payer can handle some of their load. It's a sad mentality that needs to be fought with education.
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