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political rebuses


Jun 1, 2010
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My hobby is solving political rebuses. The latest one in the series is what do we actually owe that weird courtesy between Georgian president Saakashvili and Iran. The first is an American stooge and the second is American sworn enemy. It’s riddle only those who hate employing their grey cells. As for me it stays like this. Americans have been stuffing Saakashvili with the enormous money (I guess amounting billions) and now it’s all on a black hole. Meanwhile that brazen bloke Mikheil Saakashvili has the nerve to demand more money donations. It can’t be but huge irritant for Obama, hardly making both ends meet due to the damned crisis and even doubting the Afghani mission is worth the money.
Now, Obama is set to initiate a probe into corruption schemes in Georgia to sort it out with the lion’s share of the American aid disappeared. Under those circumstances Iran as the territory free of any American dominance could well embrace the Georgian president. I bet you Iran so opponent to USA and doing many things just to spite Washington would never extradite Saakashvili.
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