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Plan For Antonin Scalia School Of Law Is Tweaked (1 Viewer)


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Plan For Antonin Scalia School Of Law Is Tweaked Over Unfortunate Acronym : The Two-Way : NPR

Plan For Antonin Scalia School Of Law Is Tweaked Over Unfortunate Acronym


It must have seemed a straightforward way to honor a U.S. Supreme Court justice who was famous for, among other things, prizing straightforwardness. But then people began to titter about the unintended acronym of the Antonin Scalia School of Law — and now George Mason University has tweaked the name.

The new name for the institution in Arlington, Va., will be the Antonin Scalia Law School, says law school dean Henry N. Butler

A.S.S.o.L would have been this unfortunate acronym.

The new acronym is A.S.L.S.
The picture, considering the subject is hysterical.

Too bad. Both were absolutely perfect for Scalia

probably from the same reich wing moron who thought 'teabagger' was too clever not to apply to tea bag party members
ASSOL in the most appropriate acronym.

Antonin Scalia was not an enlightened Conservative (that breed does exist, but it has become almost vanishingly rare), he was a reactionary, Neanderthal, Dark Ages Conservative. RIP and all that, but we need to rid our system of his likes, and Judge Garland would be an excellent choice to begin the trend. It is a national tragedy that the Republican Party, now so much in thrall to its own worst elements, is committing rear-guard sabotage against the best interests of the nation, its inaction on Garland's nomination being a case in point.

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