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People still choose to discredit Palin as a candidate because of her resignation.

Let's pretend that I'm hoping that Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012. What is the resignation supposed to mean to me? What's the point in bringing up the fact that she resigned? Hell, if she won the presidency in 2012 and has an awesome VP and if she were to resign; that would be great(not great for the party since everyone cares so much about this resignation business still). Is there a compelling reason why I should worry about a candidate resigning? Does resigning mean she's going to nuke random countries for no reason? Does resigning mean she's going to keep Obama's hope alive by continuing his legacy of progressivism, spending and bail outs? Why should I want a President who never resigned from office? What is it supposed to mean to me?
I don't discredit Palin because of her resignation. I discredit her for her lack of depth.
Trading for pointless reasons for a subjective apolitical one. Nice.
"What is it supposed to mean to me?"

Well, to me it means that that money she made from her book tour and fox news gig was much more important that serving out her term in office. That speaks volumes about character in my opinion.
Speaks volumes? How? You're suddenly a bad person if you resign for book tours? I don't understand. Why is it bad to resign?
Palin? I refudiate her! She belongs to a cackle of radicals! Oh, and she resigned.
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