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Pedophile Scandal & Media Bias


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Jul 9, 2005
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The Media in general is anti-Catholic. When the Catholic churches pedophilia scandal broke. The Media took the oppurtunity to Bash the Catholic church. Bad as what had happened was,the Media made it worse ! There was no attempt at balance.
In any other story there would be some sign of Balance. There was no attempt to see how bad pedophilia was in other religions, or among married clergy.
The media is anti-Catholic because the Catholic church is not liberal,it still has permanent beliefs. Unlike some churches that let contemporary fads decide what they believe.
Re: HomoPedophile Scandal & jew-media Bias

That is becaue the media is jew controlled and infestd with homosexuals, so it would be no secret they attacked a religion that opposed The Homosexual Agenda.

Such jews and homosexuals are intolerant, wrong headed, mean spritied, discriminating, hate filled bigots.
I posted the same thing in another post before I found this one. One thing that you didn't mention was that if another priest from another religion had done something then he was referred to as just a priest, his religoin was never brought to light but if a catholic priest did something then it will get reported that a catholic priest did it. I just thought that was an interesting fact.
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