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Once A Conspiracy Theory… (1 Viewer)

I’m sure I’ve posted this in a forum somewhere. It just belongs on the blog too…
Once considered ‘conspiracy theory’, not anymore.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

A 40 year experiment on 600 black men studied the effects of syphilis. The men were not told they had syphilis, and were not treated for it. They were led to believe the studies were about something else. Many of them deteriorated and died.

It’s also an excellent example of how ‘compartmentalization’ works.

Weather Warfare

Go back to the 60’s…

The US used ‘cloud seeding’ to make it rain over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam during the war, slowing North Vietnamese supply lines in the mud. Shortly after the war, and as a result of the war, the UN passed a resolution banning the use of environmental modification, including weather manipulation, for the purposes of warfare.

Operation Northwoods

Military plans, supported by top US brass, included; hijacking planes, blowing up a US ship, and acts of terrorism in US cities. It was to be blamed on the Cubans, to draw public support for a war with Castro’s Cuba.

This is known as a ‘false-flag operation’. They are used all the time around the world by intelligence agencies. Kennedy squashed this one.

Some people still say it’s a conspiracy theory despite the Northwoods documents being declassified in 1997.

Black Ops

Multiple covert & ‘black’ CIA operations were denied, then proven – sometimes decades later once information was declassified. By then, nobody can be prosecuted, and we don’t care anymore… We don’t do stuff like that anymore, right?

  • Operation Mocking Bird
  • Project Blue Bird
  • Operation Ajax
  • Project MK ULTRA
  • Project Artichoke
  • Operation PB Success
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Joint Projects with the Mafia
The Manhattan Project

Three countries, over 100,000 people across multiple organizations/agencies, $2 billion (in the 1940’s) spent, multiple production, research, and test sites hidden in plain sight… All secret, save for ‘conspiracy theories’...

Secret CIA Prisons

Denied, considered conspiracy theory, but then secret rendition programs were finally admitted. Poland admitted their role in the secret US prison system as well. Small world.

Most of you don’t seem to care that you have a network of secret prisons out there all over the world while you mop up ‘terrorists’. Heaven forbid I use the word ‘camp’ to describe them… That would be offensive, not an eye-opener…

It’s mind boggling that you don’t see it. They hid it, we found out, they denied, then admitted as it was impossible to deny anymore, and you didn’t give a f**k. It’s for a good reason, I’m just a ‘conspiracy theorist’, that feels better…

You’ll believe anything for more munchkin crack, you demented wacko’s… Some of you even think torture is the answer too… You’ve just lost it, creeps… But you go protect our… freedom? Whatever, have fun out there…

‘Area 51’

Denied for decades, laughed off with the UFO crowd as conspiracy theory, then in 2000 the government admitted having an operating military site there. Whether or not there are aliens, UFO’s and crap, I have no idea. The point is, the site was denied for decades, and tied to the bin of UFO incredulity.

There are thousands of people who have, or do work there. Some commute by plane every day out of Nevada’s airport. It was all done while only conspiracy theories discussed it...

I’m sure there’s more to be found as already proven, but I’m too lazy to bother anymore. I made a ‘cut list’ instead…

Absolutely anything could be kept secret enough to just be considered ‘conspiracy theories’. Area 51 had been seen on maps, people had been to the site outside the fences, took pictures/video, former employees came forward, documentation proving which security company had contracts there, etc… The government just denied it – even though it was absolutely clear it existed.

That doesn’t work for you. Your own eyes don’t work for you, isn’t that interesting? If the government hasn’t admitted it, or the mainstream media hasn’t reported on it, Area 51’s don’t really exist... Cool trick…


I dig logic too and the only logical reason for 9/11 was retaliation for US sneak bombing of Baghdad. Friends and relatives of the dead got together, found a backer, got the idea of how from the movie Executive Decision (1998) that showed Muslims hijacking a 747, and the rest is clouded history.

No conspiracy (they don't exist), just stimulus and learned response.


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