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On The Road overseas

December 20, 1967. It was cold in Tangiers but there was lots of sun. Ron discovered there was a
roof, with a three feet high knee wall, atop the apartment complex. It had a fantastic view of the
Straights Of Gibralter and most days you could see the rock of gibralter from there. the knee wall
protected us from the cold northly winds. There was a tremoundous amount of ships coming into
the Medditerranium Sea. The Russian ships were cool with their red star and hammer and sickle
We practly lived up there smoking dope and enjoying the warm sunshine after a cold night in our
apartment. We were soaking up the sun's rays one day when we met Steve. Steve was like a hard
core super hippy. He had long hair and a full beard and was always stoned on the best drugs

Steve lived in an apartment in our complex. After getting aquainted he invited us to dinner at his
apartment. We joyfully accepted because we were always hungry if you know what I mean. Steve's
apartment was beautiful. He had expensive Persian rugs, as well as a lot of western luxuries, such
as cooking utensials, a stove, a record player, curtains on the windows, to just name a few.

Steve was married with three well behaved children. The were rather quiet children but that's the
kind I like. His wife was very pretty and a great cook. A beautiful lady named Mayflower also lived
there along with Steve's friend, David. David was the drug mule. He was a total anarchist and was
apretty radical dude. they were all Jewish. Everyone, except Mayflowwer was from New York City.
Mayflower was a former Swedish child movie star. She was AWESOME. She was fearless and she
was beautiful, about thirty years old as were the rest of them. Whenever I looked at Mayflower it
reminded me of the rolling stone's song, "she's a rainbow. That best describes her.

One day Mayflower and I were at the docks waiting for the arrival of one of her friends. I was
wearing a jewish skull cap that she had given me, although I had no idea of it's signifance. All of a
sudden an arab flash mob showed up and started hurlinf epithets at us. They were loud and I
TO THEM IN ARABIC.. They backed off and the crowd dispersed. I later found out that she had
been raped by 5 arabs during the "six day war." After they fell asleep, she grabbed one of their
machine guns and killed all five of them.
I loved her but it was purely platonic. Ron had told me that Steve, his wife, and Mayflower were
lovers. I could dig it since I am pretty liberal when it comes to sex, as long as nobody get hurt.

was not a shy person but inmy younger days I was scared to death of rejection so I never got laid
much except fpr sweet cream ladies. I have a lot of respect for prostitues. I was always horny but
ai usually took matters into my own hands if you get my drift.

Gail would have given me some but I did not care for her much. Her hygene left much to be
desired. Ron tole me once that he and Gail had once had some weird sex that he says she talked
him into. They had gotten hold of a cat , then killed it, then they both put their hands into it's
intestines while they were engaged in intercourse. To this day it still sicken me because I love cats
dearly and have four of them. Ron said he felt horrible about it. I will write later about how karma
caught up to Gail one day.

Gratefully Gail would soon leave Tangiers on her way back to the states. She was to be our drug

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