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On The Road overseas, Chapter II

Chapter II, The Arrival
It was a quick ride on the train from Frankfurt to Malaga. I slept most of the way because I had been living on adredlin because my dream had finally become reality.
I had finally arrived at the first point of my destination to Tangiers, Morocco. I was going there first because one of my old army buddies, ron had already been discharged and was living in Tangiers with his girfriend, Gail.
While I was waiting for the ferry boat at malaga, I visited an outdoor churro stand. Churros are like doughnuts. They are deep fried dough and they go great with cafe con leche. I sat at a table with two young men who were tourists from Germany.
We were all stoned out on reefer. One of the germans would say "por favor", then laugh his ass off. Yhe other German and I soon joined in with the laughter. When I said por favor with my American accent they really cracked up even more. The people at the churro stand started looking at us like we just had escaped from a psycho ward so we parted company and left. I then went to catch my ferry boat ride across the Straights of Gibraltar to Tangiers.
Upon arrival at Tangiers I immediately proceeded to Ron and Gail's hotel room. It was close enough from the docks to wald there. They were staying at a seedy hotel located in the old Arab section of tangiers in a room above a cafe in the main square of the Arab quarters. Im
I think the square was called "Grand Soco". Tangiers has basically two sections to it. One is the old Arab quarters and the other is the European section which is influenced by French culture because Morocco was once a colony of France.
I arrived at the hotel room, knocked at the door, and Gail answered it to let me in. I was shocked at what I saw. Ron was laying in bed moining, "**** me, **** me", over and over. He was suffering from a severe of case dysntary. They both were all shot down. They were out of money and their hotel room only had a couple of days left on it. They were both happy to see me. I had arrived in the nick of time.
I went and got them some food and smokes. Gail and I then looking for an apartment to rent.
I had no idea that a culture could be as corrupt as the arab/muslim one. Gail and Ron had been in Tangiers for a few months and it's a good thing because I didn't have a clue about Tangiers and mideastern culture. The first thing I learned abut arab/muslim is that you have to pay bribes for most transactions that we take for granted in western culture. Renting an apartment is a prime example of this. First off anyone visiting Tangiers should hire a native guide for many different reasons. The language barrier being the prime one.
Ron and Gail already had a trustworthy one. His name was Mohammed, of course. It's easy to remember the names of the natives there because ninety percent of the men there had that name.
After locating Mohammed he helped us get an apartment at Rue
calle in the old quarter. It was close to the waterfront and you could see the rock of Gibralter across the Straights of Gibralter. It was a fairly large apartment. It had one big room about 14x25 feet. It had a small kitchen with a real flushable toilet in the kitchen. It had a dining room about 12x15 which we stayed in all the time. The apartment had a masonary floor with no furniture.
We all stayed in the dining room because it was the warmest room. We heated that one room with a charcohl fire. How we survived carbon monoxide poisoning I'll never know. there was no hot water nor was their a bathroom.

we had plenty of keefe, a marijuanna plant that was abundant and cheap. An ounce cost about fifty cents. We smoked it in clay pipes. We smoked so much of it that we soon got used to it and went looking for something stronger. This we found in an opium laced hash hish which the dealer claimed from god. Yassss, IK believed him.
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