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On Like Donkey Kong...

So I'm sitting here in my office with no small measure of trepidation this morning. Our fearless leader is mostly likely in tears in her office so I shouldn't be complaining; it could be worse...I could be her. There's this "consultant" in the conference room right now and he ain't here to consult for our department. He was sent by the "executive committee" aka the kangaroo court that only meets every three months to make important operational decisions about the organization. You know, decisions too minor for the Board of Trustees to make but big enough that the Board wants someone to pin the blame to if they go wrong. Aren't the layers of organizational politics just fascinating?

So about this consultant. Yeah he's spending the day interviewing the entire department one by one. I don't really know what he's actually gonna ask but I do know he's gonna be looking for something. Basically, he's looking for the exact location of the bullseye on The Fuhrer's back. It's unfortunate for her that she is just now coming to realize there's been one there for a while despite her belief that she's untouchable. Why do VP's always believe they are untouchable? It just seems to come along with the job title. I wonder if their performance evaluations have a line that says, "Presented an air of overconfidence, a smarmy attitude of impudence and belief in the impunity of employee's actions". I imagine every one of them has a check in the box beside "Exceeds expectations". :lol:

I guess the big question is, when she's gone and I take her place, what's going to happen to me? I'm under this new philosophy of doing and living and saying everything with purpose but will that translate to impudence and inflated ego here at work? Maybe. I'm already assuming it's gonna be me that replaces her and I believe it's the only reasonable choice for the organization. Is that the first blossom of the arrogance that comes with the position? Does that make it foreshadowing...a harbinger of what's coming? Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that unlike last time, I won't be feeling bad about being promoted if I am. This woman deserves to go because she is an obstacle to progress.
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