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Obama's Drone Power: (1 Viewer)

Rand Paul once again, fighting for rights of terrorists in the craziest what if scenario the man has yet to dream up: This is why we are considered the crazy party: What do you think about the hypothetical scenario where Obama just starts sending drones to paultards houses? I would love that!

Power is a term that most people use very very lightly. So this year when Forbes released their most powerful people list, what Conservatives and Republicans wanted to see on that list was anybody other than President Barack Obama! He shouldn’t be number one, we cried! Its media propaganda at its highest level, others shouted over the airwaves.

Now, as we get deeper into Obama’s second term, what he has been planning from the start seems more likely every time Obama opens his mouth. A handful of varying degrees of conspiracy minded pundits have long predicted that Obama will become America’s first dictator. Many civil liberty advocates have used Obama's Drone Program to argue this fact. The ultimate thing that will make him King is according to them, the drones.

There has been more social change that has happened in the past five years than at any other time in world history besides for maybe the Seventeenth Century in Europe during a period known as the Age of Enlightenment. This was a period when great strides in science and the understanding of our universe first began to seep into cultural consciousness.

Now, with emerging new technologies and a social web we can connect with people faster than ever before. We can debate on issues and start huge revolutions in foreign countries. Facebook takes credit for sparking the Arab Spring, hailed by Obama and his team as Democracy! Conservatives like to say that Obama handled the Arab Spring horribly and they point out that it may be worse off and more corrupted than it was under previous dictators. But as we all know from 2012, elections have consequences.

Now, it seems more than ever that the civil liberties movement of the left wing faction of the libertarian party is vocally boisterous once again. Since the Sequester scare tactics are settling down, Rand Paul has introduced various warnings that Obama has the power to target American Citizens on US Soil. He phrases this in a way that makes it seem that Obama is sitting in the oval office and just planning random attacks on random citizens. If there is any proof that the libertarians have no idea how the government works, or what is in the constitution it is the drone situation.

The Drone issue is one where libertarians twist and revise so much that it is sitting on the edge of paranoia and is once again, inconsistent with the libertarian message. I cannot believe that a group of the most freedom loving activists would ever consider letting terrorists have the same freedoms as we do! The entire idea from Rand Paul’s universe is a crazy hypothetical scenario which as far as I am aware has never happened.

This is one of the only things I believe this President has handled well. The implementation of the Drone program while it has had its missteps with Iran capturing one of ours, it has gone on smoothly. The use of Drone attacks has destroyed many Al Qaeda sects and groups. I will like to see the program continue and advance under many other Presidents to come and each one of them will debate the issue of US usage.

Yet, the libertarians still insist on not the facts of the positives of the Drone issues. Their black helicopter (which is slowly turning into Black Drone) hysteria, is always and almost exclusively based on the what if scenarios.

Would it be fruitless to point out that the US Government has in place readied responses to every single national emergency possible? Or would they look for conspiracies there too?


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