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New Type Of Death Penalty Performed In USA


Oct 27, 2005
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South Carolina
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Nov 30, 2005

First thing, I thought Supreme Court made it a law saying a person under 18 can’t receive the death penalty in 2004. I thought only 999 people died from the death penalty since 1976. I thought we were not supposed to have cruel and unusual punishments in the United State of America.

First are you pro or anti Abortion (me anti)? Now are you pro or anti death penalty (me anti)? Now I am going to play both side of the politic game.

Now can’t you say an abortion is the same thing as the death penalty except the fetus doesn’t get a fair trail? Instead of get their brain’s blow out by a 30 ox 6 they get their brain suck out by a vacuum. Or even better get to be scramble up then get suck out by a vacuum; now don’t let me go on anymore.

Is this not a cruel or an unusual punishment (abortion) for even a fetus? Aren’t disease and virus living things because they can self-reproduction and can die, well at conception it self-reproduction, multi-celled organisms and can die. And for something to die it must be living (am I right).

Now the Republics say abortion should be illegal (hell yes) but there would be a exception for women who got “rape and pregnant”(hell no!!!) Why you ask??? Just think about it…ok I will tell you rape is one crime where you don’t need evidence (it helps) I can go all by word…example (if some see you walk into a room with the opposite sex with no one inside the room that you walk into…three week’s late she make a lie up and says she got rape inside that room…and some one seen you go inside that room…your F$@k …rape crime would sky rocket

I propose that the women has the baby…it goes up for a adoption and the women and rapper/husband pay a new tax that goes to the kid…like child support

And about the death penalty the reason why I am anti it is because you can make the work for food…and bring back the chain gang…and if they run…let them make there death penalty with a bullet in there brain’s…it would be there chose not our...jail system should be like a dictator…self running with out government help…the jail system should help out the government by doing stuff that the immigrates want to do…immigrates work for $4 dollars an hour will I can make the inmates work for $1 dollar an hour…F$@K up the immigrates.

Today in America, over 4,400 little human beings are being killed every day. If abortion is a matter of "choice", what choice does this baby have? (http://groups.msn.com/catholicandprolife/webjournal.msnw)

In one year 1,606,000 human fetus are killed by abortion. There been around 30 year since 1976, so 48,180,000 human fetuses approximately in the United States alone, and still on the rise.

48,180,000 human fetuses*15 inches fetus=722,700,000 inches total length of fetuses/12=60,225,000 feet total length/5280.0 feet in a mile=11,406.25365 miles of died human fetus. That enough died fetus to make a chain from one side of the world to the other side. You know how many Olympic swimming pool that is…I don’t know(u tell me).

What a waste of the human race! We should send them to Africa to feed the poor people over, where they’ll at least be save some one life. Since there not human and don’t have any right.

Here goes some website to back up my facts:

First let me say that your comments bring about more interest in trying to interpret your rage than what your actually trying to say. Your spelling and grammar are something you need to work on (in addition to calming down your rage before you put fingers to your keyboard). With that said, I side with those who wish to have an abortion. A women has the right to choose what she does with her own body, but I do favor limitations that they be allowed to do so within specified limits of conception. As for what those limitations should be, I believe that the medical field has outlined in a fair and non judgmental way, when that time should state that an abortion is no longer an option.
Women should know when they have an inclination that circumstances may be bringing about the arrival of a newborn. This included with the fact that they committed the act in the first place, or for those who sadly were raped
should be enough knowledge to hold those persons responsible for proceeding with an abortion within the given timelines. Any person who feels that they have a right after that date to proceed with an abortion I would have to disagree with. So you see, I am not anti nor pro abortion. I believe that there is a place where common ground can be found on the issue, the way to make it clear is to keep religion out of debate. Why you might ask? Because there are more religions than the one that seems to be fueling the debates that have taken place. Without being prejudiced, I will let you determine for yourself which one that might be. I will state my opinion that I find it hard to believe that any religion has a right to dominate another. I also question those who have elevated themselves to
being the unquestionable ruler with final word of interpretation to books, bibles, documents, scrolls, etc. Were they there when they were written so many centuries ago? No, they were not, documents have been re-written, &
altered to fit the whims of many who have gained control over them and the populations of the day. It is sad to come to a point in time when people are still led to believe that they cannot think for themselves regarding those documents, nor have they taken the time to read them from their beginnings to the present.
In order to properly debate any religion against all others, one must be fully knowledgeable on which religions they wish to compare. To do this would take an enormous amount of time from those wishing to debate the issues. In all fairness, before any comments or interpretations could be justified, all parties would have to fully knowledgeable of the religions be debated. You cannot debate only only one religion.
My guess is that most people, and let's take the bible as an example, have not read it from cover to cover. Nor have they sought assistance on questions that have arisen while doing so. Nor have they gone back and read the bible a second time. To have a logical interpretation for a true debate, they would have to do so with another individual who has studied the subject matter as they have. Now, here comes the real dinger. Add another religion to the debate. All participants must be thoroughly studied in its subject matter from it's beginning to present. When that is accomplished then, you guessed it, we add the fourth Religion. And the fifth. And the sixth. And so on.
When an individual feels they do not have the time to do this, then they have robbed themselves of the very religion they feel they belong to. How can any individual state they belong to a religion that they in all honesty do not know? Going to Church, Synagogue, Temple, or other place of worship & feeling that an hour or more of attendance each week from words preached or stated by an individual who does your thinking for you, is the easy way out by "paying" an "organization" or "cult" to do the work for you.
And it is HIGHLY PROBABLE" that the information you are receiving is slanted. Why might you ask did I use the word "slanted"?. Most statements are of that particular organizations interpretation, with prejudice to the interpretations of other's most notably Professors of Divinity, and other reputable Scholars.
God does not belong to any one Religion. While I believe there is a Power Greater than us, I believe that I am a part of that power, for that Greater Power resides in me and thru me. It flows thru all of us. I am grateful that I have the sense to realize that I will not allow another to tell me how I must think, for that would not be the way that any God or Greater Power would wish it to be. After all, would that very same God or Greater Power not have made us all think alike from the beginning of time to save all the misery that so many seem to aligned to allowing happen?
Stop for a moment and think about what you believe and why? Have you ever questioned along the way what you have heard and what you have been told? Where did the information you received come from, and if you were told it is the only way, the only interpretation, were you given an explanation or made to feel an outcast or "sinner" if you did not? That my
reader's, is what is defined as a "cult".
Think for yourself, realize who your are, and why you are here. While I feel that attending any Religious Service is a benefit, it merely should be taken as material to add to the wealth of information you take in throughout your life. It should not be taken as the sole way to control your life. There are many Religions, and within them there are ways and teachings that to some
are useful in helping them on their life path. The same may not hold true for the next person. No Religion should so state that it is to be "their" way or no way. When this is done and you follow it, you have given yourself and your thinking to the control of that cult.
I went further into the religious aspects that arose from the abortion issue, I felt the need to express my views for you to ponder. As for the death penalty, I do think you have a point to maximize the time for incarceration towards the expenses incurred by society and used soley for the good of all of society. I only agree to this if the laws of employment outside the prison walls are to be required and followed inside prison walls. I am disappointed in your comments that they should be shot thru the head if they run. I'm going to hope you made that statement out of rage and will rethink your thoughts. As for illegal immigrants, tougher border controls and dialogue with those countries they come from must be increased. There also is a reason why they come to the United States. It is to better themselves as they feel they cannot achieve this in their own Country. Do not hold this against them. I can backtrack to the Religion issue above.

One cannot truly state that they belong to a religion that believes in one issue, but not another, and another Religion follows those two issues reversed. If that happens to be you, the one reading this, then you are in conflict with what you believe and to be honest to yourself, must declare yourself an independent person regarding Religious affiliation. You do not nor should you feel you are required to belong to any particular religious faith. You can still however be a religious faith of just one. You. Use the gift of intelligence that was given to you. Good luck, and to the writer I replying to, I wish you luck in finding a way to calm your rage. I harbor no ill feelings towards your comments. You have a right to express how you feel.
Loxd4 said:
Nov 30, 2005

Now can’t you say an abortion is the same thing as the death penalty except the fetus doesn’t get a fair trail? Instead of get their brain’s blow out by a 30 ox 6 they get their brain suck out by a vacuum. Or even better get to be scramble up then get suck out by a vacuum; now don’t let me go on anymore.

Today in America, over 4,400 little human beings are being killed every day. If abortion is a matter of "choice", what choice does this baby have? (http://groups.msn.com/catholicandprolife/webjournal.msnw)


If you're going to pretend that the fetus should have a choice, then on that exposition of principle you should also convey the matter of IF more precisely. If, the fetus were in a position to have and make a choice, it would make choices and judgements about the quality of it's own life and that of the female who's carrying it, or the rest of the females family, and the choices on things you have no business poking your nose in.

This, is probably a concept that may ellude you for some time, as you hardly seem to be quite a 'shining beacon of light'.
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I'm half and half on the abortion issue, I think it's bad because it's taking life, it's good because abortion is controlling our population (Humans are animals too don't forget).
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