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My Laws For Presenting A Suggestion, Point, Argument, or Fact (1 Viewer)

1. If you cannot explain your argument, you have no argument.

2. Proposing points without proof precludes a prompt public pummeling.

3. Bringing up a problem without a solution is valid. Bludgeoning people with it without providing a solution is irritating.

4. Never post nothing you are unclear about.

5. Avoid useless arguments and entanglements. Find the heart of the problem and find the solution with heart.

6. Be an ever-aspiring student in all that you do.
sounds ok to me i have nothing against it really but i feel in some cases you can not explain your agruement and still get a message through.
Yeah, there are probably a number of exceptions I haven't thought of when writing this. But it's a guide to stick to the main road as often as possible.

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