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My Dream World

[This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend. I was talking about a coworker I had a crush on]:

I'm a hopeless romantic
I don't love the real girls, I love my own illusions of them
I love the imagination that I created out of them
And that is what I fall in love with
I don't care about the real girls, I care about the new reality I made out of them.

Real girls are boring
They always disappoint, they're always less than perfect
When I say I love her
I don't mean the real girl
I mean the one I created
The one I dream about
She is the one I love.

I love the dream world that I have created
Nothing can go wrong, everyone is perfect
Maybe that's why I have such crazy dreams
Like building a world government
To recreate that perfect dream world here on Earth.
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