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Moderator position

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May 19, 2004
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One of Debate Politics moderators has been inactive for quite some time - so they need to be replaced. Due to increase in activity, we are requesting 2.

If you are interested in helping to moderate this forum please send vauge a PM and copy Pacridge.

1. At least 50 posts.
2. Requesting 1 Liberal and 1 Conservative, must be a member of specified usergroups
3. Member for at least 1 month.
4. Know the rules of the forum
5. Actively participate in forums
6. Actively participate in the private moderators forum

1. Question the rules if needed
2. Move/Merge topics when needed
3. Give warning to users that break the rules
4. Request banning of rule breakers
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Excellent question!

If an Independent is interested, please PM us as well. There is an opening, but it is not as urgent as the two mentioned above.
All moderator positions have been filled.

When we reach critical mass again or one drops out due to inactivity - we will request mods again.

Thank you all whom had interest!!
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