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Martha Stewart to Be Sentenced Friday (1 Viewer)


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May 19, 2004
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Source: Yahoo News

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Martha Stewart (news - web sites) and her former Merrill Lynch broker, who was convicted with the trendsetter for lying about a suspicious trade, will both be sentenced on Friday, a secretary in the judge's chambers said Tuesday.

Peter Bacanovic's sentencing has been set for 2:30 p.m. EDT, following Stewart's sentencing at 10 a.m. EDT in Manhattan federal court. They are both to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum.

Stewart, who built a media empire on tips for gracious living, and Bacanovic were found guilty on March 5 of conspiring to hide the reason behind her sale of shares in the biotech company ImClone Systems Inc. on Dec. 27, 2001.
I will be glad to watch Food channel again. I wrote them a couple of months ago to remove Martha from the show list because she is guilty - they have not. This man will not watch 'good eats' again until they do.


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Leave her alone, this country is full of Martha Stewart and Kenneth Lay waiting to be caught. They all around us, can't you see them? Most of you know who I am talking about. :wink:
I am amazed that a liberal would take a stand in defense of Martha Stewart. Since many liberals would also portray anti-capitalism tendancies, I would expect that a good liberal would be ecstatic over another capitalist biting the dust.
Break the law go to jail. Go to jail get molested by a bull dike. How fitting.
Yeppers - she got 5 months prison and 5 month house.
Martha is not doing jail time while she's appealing her conviction, a process that could take a year or more. This is what she had to say to the judge:
"Today is a shameful day. It is shameful for me, for my family, and for my beloved company and all of its employees and partners. What was a small personal matter became over the last two and a half years an almost fatal circus event of unprecedented proportions spreading like oil over a vast landscape, even around the world. I have been choked and almost suffocated to death."

That almost brought tears to my eyes, it was beautiful.
It was only shameful to her because she got caught. It's kinda like me speeding down the freeway on the way to work. Either I am not ashamed until I get caught, or , I am ashamed because I got caught. Besides that, she could have made money on the stock in question had she held out instead of panicking. :-o

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