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“Let's look to another time.

“There was once a group of disparate "tribes" tired of living under what they considered a tyrannical ruler who ignored their rights. They had no money, few resources, a tiny untrained army, few arms, a contentious and weak central government with little money dominated by a group of fiery agitators with little in common except the need to get rid of the despot. They had to struggle for any international recognition. Foreign countries didn't know who was in charge and distrusted them for fear that the agitation would "infect" their own countries.

“Their rebellion went on for years. They lost almost all the battles they fought except the last, but won the war and their freedom with the help of powerful ally.

“Welcome to the United States of America.

“As Mark Twain once said. History doesn't necessarily repeat it's self, but it certainly does rhyme.”

Thanks Dad.
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