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Let's not muzzle debate politics (1 Viewer)

Unlock gay marriage post?

  • Keep it Lock and kick everyone else out of the forum

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  • Keep it Lock and Lock everything else that vauge judges inappropriate

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Jun 5, 2004
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In a free country!
This poll is to lift the lock on gay marriage post from CSA-TX.
If we really have freedom of speech no post should be locked. We all have opinions and we'd like to express it whether you like it or not, isn't that what makes America great?
Both individuals involved in the marriage post seem to be perfectly fine with the post being locked. From my understanding, the post was locked instead of deleted to maintain a history of the post's existance. The choice to lock was more administrative than any real censorship.
This is a silly poll and clearly one sided.

Off-topic posts will be locked or moved - that is the rules and not a muting of anyones free speech.
Unlock the post we want to debate 2 chicks going at it while I get to watch.:eek:
Thread has been reopened.

This poll is closed.
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