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Kobe Defense Opposes Releasing Statements


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Source:Yahoo News

EAGLE, Colo. - Defense attorneys argued that Kobe Bryant's statements to investigators after the NBA star was accused of rape last summer should be kept secret because it is not yet certain they will be used in his trial.

In the court filing, made public Thursday, the lawyers opposed a news media request to release Bryant's statements and testimony about those statements.

In separate filings, prosecutors said they intend to introduce the statements at the trial but took no position on whether the statements should be released beforehand.

Attorneys for 12 news organizations asked District Judge Terry Ruckriegle last week to release the statements, which Bryant made to two Eagle County sheriff's deputies on July 1, 2003, the night after the alleged assault.


Attorneys for the news organizations said information that has been publicly released about the interview suggested Bryant did not say anything incriminating. That suggested that the defense wanted to keep the statement secret to protect Bryant from embarrassment, which the media attorneys argued was not a valid reason to keep the evidence sealed.

The 25-year-old Los Angeles Lakers (news) star has pleaded not guilty to felony sexual assault. He faces four years to life in prison or 20 years to life on probation, and a fine of up to $750,000 if convicted. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Aug. 27.

Bryant's lawyers said news organizations have no right to view or publish potential evidence until it is admitted at trial, and that Bryant's privacy and fair-trial rights outweigh the media's First Amendment rights of access to criminal justice records

WRONG! This NBA stars defense has done everything in the book. Including releasing her sex record (irrelivant) and her name to the world(illegal in Colorado). His statements which indicate a guilty - should be evidence. What is good enough for this guy is good enough for the accuser.

Personally, I don't think she is after anything - and waited until she can't even get a job or anything before filing a suit against him for defamation of character.

If you have been following - what is your thoughts?
Per the 4th amendement of the constitution Kobe has due process. He is innocent until proven Guilty so none of his statements should be released until trial and only if they are used for evidence. Releasing his statements now is unconstitutional in my opinion
I agree 100%. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty.
They want to stay the releasing of his public statements until trial.

My point was that they released HER info to the public - which he will pay BIG BUCKS for. She is sueing for defemation of character. Without question, she will be a millionair before this is over.

Kobe's lawyers said her name in pretrial when camera's were allowed in and got spanked on the hand. Then they talked about her sex record - which has been deamed irrellivant. As a matter of fact, she did NOT have sex with her boyfriend that night. But, seeing how Kobe's lawyers are trying to win over the media and people - they said those deflamitory statements. It is illegal in Colorado to release a victims name to the public.

Since they realease HER info, why not release his? If it is public info (which statements to the police are) then it should be released. Actual evidence, should not be released.

Do you know what he said to the police? When he was first picked up - he laughed about it - he thought he was just being questioned. Then when he was told he was being arrested - he cried and said he was sorry. Also, did you know there are mulitple women with a similar story?

Kobe's lawyers opened this can of worms in pretrial.
Kobe is going to get off because the girl is a slut freaking hoe bag trying to make a buck. There is DNA evidence that has been released pretrial with the courts agreement that she had sex with someone else before going to the hospital and claiming rape. And due to that the Judge has ruled her previous sex escapades can be brought up. The colorado supreme court also said it could be brought up. That is why the prosecution is now considering dropping the case and she has now filed a civil suit. She nothing but a gold digging whore.
I hope you ment those comments in jest.

We do not know the FACTS of the case. So, if she were raped and traumatized, she is not allowed to have sex with her boyfriend after the fact? Where does it state that in the law? It may make her look bad, but guess what - there are conflicting reports about if she did or didn't. Kobe's lawyers have smeared that all over the media - the defence has countered it saying it is untrue.

She put on old underwear that had her boyfriends sperm on it. While it may be sick and discusting - imagine how she felt after the ordeal? If indeed she was raped. She wasn't thinking about clean underwear.

She has filed a case against Kobe in civil court for defamation of character. Why? Because she is money hungry? Maybe, but it sure is a damn fine way to shut Kobe's lawyers the hell up and get on with the trial instead of smearing her character.

Source: MAAR

While it is unfair to ask individuals to avoid making judgments about parties in a court case, it is not unreasonable to expect those decisions to be made after the facts have been presented. This case highlights the fact that rape victims are almost automatically discredited when they decide to report their case. The "supporters" of Kobe Bryant made their decision about his innocence and the dishonesty of the victim before the evidence was even available. The woman in question was labeled as a gold-digger, slut, and manipulator and crucified before the arraignment even took place.

Let her have her day in court. If there were not any evidence to support a case, there would not be one.
Mark my words the prosecution will drop the case. the evidence has dried up unlike hoe bags snatch. In my opinion she saw an opertunity to get some attention and some dick and poor Kobe was just a tool. Now the bitch wants to get rich. Beleive me she has got some serious karmic debt from this one.
Also how does dirty sperm filled underwear explain another mans gism way up in the vagina. Gism stained underwear will not get those swimmers up the canal. just something to ponder, cause the evidence i saw said the gism was in the canal not just on the dirty undies.
Mark my words the prosecution will drop the case.

Marked. But, I believe you are wrong.

Why are you so upset at this girl? We know NOTHING about the case. If he is proven guilty, will you change your mind?
She's a hoe big time but I would've just sucked him instead

Ok, vagrant or vauge or vagina, whatever your name, why the defense for this little hoe who obviously wants attention and YES wants money too, how else is she gonna pay for the lawyers. Defamation is not the case and she did it to herself. She admits to kissing and stuff then says she didn't want it from this black guy? Whatever, from an opinion, she wanted it all and then decided since she never made it on American Idol and everything else she has tried to get famous for on her own, this was her meal ticket, oh but poor baby doesn't want her name released just yet, not now after she realized what she did. What a Biiiiitch. Anyhow, I hope this is over soon, there are much more real cases out there of rape than this. :boohoo:
sir or ma'am,

Welcome! You are more than welcome here, but I respectufully ask that you change your name to a more appropriate one. This is a family friendly forum and your name implies otherwise. If you do not within 3 days (as of the time of this post), you will be banned.

Now back to the topic at hand. You have your opinion and I have mine.

...oh but poor baby doesn't want her name released just yet...

Damn right, it is the law in Colorado.
She admits to kissing and stuff then says she didn't want it from this black guy?

Kissing is completely different than sex. She said no twice. No means no.

Unfortunatly, your attitude is becoming popular. In many instances of rape women are scared to come forward. Many men (and women) have gotten off scott free due to this maddening climate about rape in general.

Anyhow, I hope this is over soon, there are much more real cases out there of rape than this.

There we both agree - we want it over. But, we do not know all the evidence nor are we on the jury. Since we are not, how can we conclude "beyond a shadow of doubt" that she was not raped and this is not real? I may be completely WRONG, but at lease I am giving the benifit of that doubt to both parties. Kobe is innocent until proven guilty. The media will only expose enough to keep people coming back to watch/read/listen to thier side of the story. Seeing how this is a high profile case, we will be hearing many versions before it is over with.

There is some potential damning evidence against her that we have not heard yet, and it may or may not hit the courts. This is some text messages that were shared after the 'rape'. If these prove to be damning - my mind may be changed. Until then, she and Kobe are due their day in court.

BTW, CSA - sperm cannot be dated. She claims to have had sex 3 days prior to this incident. The defense is saying this is evidence that she had sex with her boyfriend right before going to the hospital. Seeing how you cannot "date" sperm (it's either swimming or not) - that cannot be proven.
dicksucker&lovinItbig nice name however I prefer "**** Gobler" perhaps that would be more acceptible to the family friendly admins.
I have no idea about this case evidence wise, other than what I have seen on fox news and court TV. It just seems real funny that the bitch is asking for jack now that the case has lost some merrit. I think kobe is inocent why because why would a high profile person like him rape someone when if he wanted to cheat on his wife which he has admitted he could get 1000s of girls waiting outside the locker room. It just makes no sense. I think the hoe bag is just talking smack and looking for money.
Source: Yahoo News

EAGLE, Colo. - The sexual assault charge against Kobe Bryant has been dropped, but his accuser — whose reluctance to participate derailed the criminal trial before it ever really got started — isn't letting the NBA star off the hook just yet.

With jury selection under way, the criminal case was dropped late Wednesday by prosecutors who said the 20-year-old woman accusing Bryant of rape had decided not to participate. She dropped out following a series of gaffes that led to the public disclosure of her name and other personal details, and prosecutors said they would not carry on without her testimony.

Well CSA, you were right. I still think there is something fishy going on.
WOW I think I'll have to print and frame this
Well CSA, you were right

When the case first started Hoe bag stated there was going to be no civil suit she just wanted to be sure this didn't happen to any other women. Next thing you know she files a civil suit and her attorney from that case says it will be hard to get any jack if he is found innocent in the criminal trial. So next thing you know the slut will not testify in the criminal case and the DA drops the charges.

Kobe is guilty of being stupid and thats it case closed and CSA is right

But the deciding factor, according to both sides, was the young woman's decision that she could no longer stand the repeated leaks revealing her identity, her medical records and her sexual habits - all violations of the "rape shield" provision in Colorado law.

"The difficulties that this case has imposed on this woman the past year are unimaginable," her lawyer, John Clune, told reporters. Several commentators lamented the perils of conducting a criminal prosecution with a celebrity defendant, saying everyone ended up a loser while the truth remained elusive.
The woman has not closed the door on a civil suit against Mr Bryant. In his apology, he acknowledged that, despite his belief at the time, the woman did not regard the encounter as consensual. "Although this year has been incredibly difficult for me personally, I can only imagine the pain she has had to endure," he said.

He claims that the woman did not regard it as consensual. Is that not rape?
Let's assume she had consentual sex with another individual AFTER she was allegedly raped by Mr. Bryant.

Of all of the rape victems I have known, none of them have ever had consentual sex with ANYONE within 24-48 hours of having been raped.

I do not beleive that ANY of her information should have been released to the public. This falls under victem's rights.
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