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Just a couple of thoughts

My youngest grand daughter, soon to be 13, spent the night here with her gramps and myself. There aren't any kids in our little wooded neighborhood, to help occupy her time, so she is sitting here, learning to play a video game with her grandpa. She is normally a child that is on the go, riding her bike or playing with a friend or two. As I sit listening to them chatiting about whatever in the game, I am in awe of how grownup she sounds. No longer is she the itty bitty girl that hung off me as she is slowly becoming a young woman.

I had to chuckle as last night, I was sitting on the floor watching them play a game and tried to get up......Ugh! What a joy that was...LOLOLOL! She came over and took my arm and I laughed and said, "It seems I'm getting old as I need help getting my butt up." She smiled while helping me up and said, "That's alright grandma, sometimes it's hard for me to get up too." Bless her heart. Sometimes I forget what a real gem she is and get a bit perturbed at her when she doesn't listen to what I'm scolding her about. Yep.....as we say in the fishing world.....this one's a keeper. She's a bright light in the lives of two over the hill grandparents.
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