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Jus Thinkin

Some people like to argue over which is better, government or market rule. I make no appreciable distinction between either.

There are dangers in allowing either the government or the markets control over the supply of vital and/or demanded resource. The problem isn't necessarily with the process you chose but the people who run the process. Since you cannot govern the moral fiber of a person, any process you chose is susceptible to the moral integrity of the people who run it.

I really couldn't stress that enough. No matter what: capitalism, democracy, socialism, marxism, fascism, oligarchy, autocracy, mercantilism...it does not really matter. It is the people behind it. If the people are good, it dos not matter if you have a dictatorship. He does good and has the direct means to do good.

But the problem with dictatorship is the same problem with democracy and the same problem with every other form of government. One person cannot represent an entire population. Even being of a purely uniform blood and nationality there will be differences in thought and intention. One group cannot represent the entire population. Therefore no matter how man political groups and how many colors there are- Dem's, Pub's, Red, Blue, Green, Orange...one groups idea discards the ideas and wishes of all others. One group employs hegemony over all others. One group dictates policy for all others. And only if any group really represents their citizen base.

But it is a proven fact that in all times and all governments, a general shifting occurs to where the groups meant to represent the people come to represent the different styles of leadership among the ruling class. In a democracy, the citizen is no longer saying how he wants to be ruled, he is choosing between one groups ideology and another groups ideology and has to make a decision which will suit him best since.

To put this in a better light, where elected officials once ran for office by championing the thoughts of the people, they no longer ask for the peoples opinion. The people and the ruling class are now separate. The rulers argue among themselves how things should be done. They form different factions and it is these factions that the voter now chooses.

When you look deeper into the mechanics of democracy and add up the numbers, you realize the math isn't smooth and the logic isn't either. You come to that point that reminds you of being in history class learning about government- half the students raising their hands with confused looks on their face asking the teacher, "What is the difference between an Electoral College vote and the People's."

Democracy is a successful sham. The latest in the Ruler's Operating System to date. Give them enough freedom so that they believe they are free. Give them the power to speak and, ironically, that will shut them up. Because when you take everything that matters from them, the very small concessions you allow appear to be golden rights and inalienable liberties.
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