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Dec 23, 2009
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On today's "Ed Show" that 59 people were killed in Chicago last month. That's more then were killed in combat this year.

He recommended that some of the troops returning from the war should be sent to chicago to keep peace like we did in Iraq.:roll:

Fact is always weirder than fiction.
Re: Hesse Jackson said

Yeah I think that would be a good idea except I don't know how well that would work in practice. I don't understand how we have troops in virtually every country around the world doing nothing, but we can't get some in our own country to help out? How about we get some along the boarder??
Re: Hesse Jackson said

While obviously impossible for legal reasons, Jackson makes a good point for once. Crime, accidents and disease may not grab headlines like war or terrorism, but they are often a far greater danger than more sensational threats. We shouldn't lose sight of that when making political choices, especially when it comes to allocating limited resources.

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