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Is "John" the witness reliable? - part 2

Another reason I don’t believe in this witness’ after-the-fact account provided by him the next day afternoon in an interview with Fox News reporter outside his front foor is because he was possibly contaminated by his contact with Zimmerman after the police were on the scene.

Remember the guy who purported to have taken Zimmerman's head wound picture at the scene that night?

I don't know whether this is the same person as the witness "John" but it was reported that Zimmerman told him to tell his wife he was in big trouble or something like that. It was as if the photographer and Zimmerman had already knew each other and knew where to find his wife to tell her.

But, this also goes to show the Sanford police didn't do a good job of securing the crime scene in preventing eyewitnesses to be contaminated by the killer.

So, whatever this witness "John" said that are not in the 911 tape should be treated as suspect and cannot be used as "evidence" or "fact" in any way shape or form, especially not before being cross-examined by the prosecutor at trial.

Furthermore, none of the other witnesses had mentioned hearing a third voice yelling to the two fighting guys at the fight scene, “Stop! I’m calling 911”.

One witness who claimed she heard the two men arguing and then later saw them on the ground one on top of each other followed by yell for help but never mentioned seeing a third party near the scene watching the fight or calling out to them.

Even from all the reports we heard so far, Zimmerman didn’t even mention anything about yelling out to a specific person nearby for help as “John” claimed. In fact Zimmerman was reportedly claiming that he screamed for help but nobody came to help him.

So, the claim by pro-zimmerman supporters about Zimmerman’s account being consistent with other witnesses accounts is unsupported especially most other witnesses clearly indicated that Zimmerman could be the one on top of Martin.

At this point, the most one can get from this witness is what he said on the 911 call, which are:

1. He just heard a shot right behind his house.
2. They were wrestling right in the back of his porch.
3. The guy's yelling help and he was not going outside.
4. Then he said, “Ah a guy yelling "help". Oh my God...” Nothing about the guy on the bottom wearing a red sweater.
Therefore, anything about Martin being on top throwing punches or slamming head is pure speculation let alone the talk about Martin’s use of force being unlawful or criminal is just completely fabrication.

But, this is not going to change pro-zimmerman supporters' mind except to make them go crazy and cry foul for bringing this up.

Yes, indeed, enough already with the wild speculations tauted as if they were facts.


Nov 26, 2011
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I haven't even been following this case but I don't really even need to in order to know that beyond the clear and present evidence, both sides will likely take to shaving off and making up points as they go along.

But there have been enough cases of police intentionally corrupting and "bleaching" crime scenes that I believe if they don't want this to succeed it probably won't. Hell, they have been acquitted in cases where they were in your face guilty.
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