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Invasion Difficulties for West in Iran


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Jun 21, 2007
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Certainly it will take a major mistake by Iran to trigger an invasion. False Flag events have possibly been successfully carried out in recent years, so it seems fairly simple to create REASONS to invade Iran. The bravado of Iranian leaders makes Iran a good target for motivation of Western Ideals.

The Revolutionary Guard has chapters in every Mosque, throughout Iran. The local chapters are armed and train in their local areas. So the invasion will not be a cake walk. But Western armored vehicles are now sufficient to withstand most attacks, without risk to infantrymen.

The Straits of Hormuz are certainly a problem for Western Oil prices.

Strait of Hormuz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Can the West handle increased oil prices?

Many thought the difficulty of invading Iraq was too difficult for the Wastern Military.

What would be the sequence for Invading Iran? First surround potential nuclear material sites. The surround Military bases. Then monitor flow in and out of population centers.

How can the West convince the Persian People that the Arab Islamic Opressors need to be overthrown? That the West is liberating the Persian people of Iran, from their Clerical Government?

Iran cleric wants 'special weapons' to deter enemy - Israel News, Ynetnews

They might put up a halfway decent fight. Might take a few weeks. :mrgreen:

I hope somebody gets some sense soon and hits them before it is too late.
Iran actually has capable defenses that would prevent a similar 'shock and awe' strategy, they are highly trained and devout people... who will be fighting a 'just war', going on just war theory. So, make no doubt about it, the anglo-american empire will be the invading force, and they will be the people fighting for their lives, their homes, and their livelihood.

The issue also would be that any conflict with Iran would undoubtedly spill over into the entire region. The main issue would be on Chinese and Russian reaction to the war.

Every millitary analyst I've heard on the subject said a war with Iran is that the Iran war would be a nuclear war, and they would unleash all sorts of terrorist attacks against the US... we will probably go into a martial law, and I don't expect we will come out of it.

BTW, I don't know of anyone that was suggesting that we would LOSE a war with Iraq, just that people wouldn't be greeting troops with flowers on the streets.... Iraq is what, 5 -6 years later now?
Iran seems ready to utilize low tech options to challenge an invasion.

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Iran will fight to its strengths

On paper sure, we'll beat the snot out of them... but Iran is several times bigger then Iraq, so the US won't be able to 'shock and awe' Iran... and ride a line of tanks the length of the country. So, you should consider that the US will :
a) be fighting a losing war in afghanistan
b) be fighting a losing war in Iraq
c) and attack a country with a country who would be waging an invading force, they would be fighting with religious zeal, and not to mention that, how many Iranians live in the US, or American-Iranians, that would be recruited into terrorist cells at the call of the holy war going on across the borders.
d) Deal with an ACTUAL invasion going on down south (Yes, fox uses soft language, but the chief of police went on the record to say that his men NO LONGER control that park because of the extent of the drug and human smuggling going on... that's an INVASION by any stretch)
e) on the verge of bankruptcy

So... EVEN IF, the war in Iran can be won easily, you must realize that if this war happens then that ALL the debt incurred during the conflict will be put on the head of the taxpayer, and you'll come back to a 95% tax rate... just to cope with the interest.... and you're gonna love it, cause at least there will still be sports and the illusion of freedom, so long as you don't question anything.

Also, how do you figure the rest of the middle east will view what's going on in Iran... they'll know, the US invades illegitmately, and if any of them have any sense of self-preservation, they will know that if they do not help Iran that they will be next. A few weeks ago I'd have said there was a good chance that Russia and China turn on the US in such a venture, but it looks as though they are being bought off and are starting to come to terms with it.

The only thing is whether or not the people will expect it... as bad as the oil spill in the gulf is, at present israel and the US have both began posturing nuclear capable ships in the region. Under any attack, you can bet that the iranians would sink some ships through the shipping lanes... you know, the ones that deliver enough oil to us to keep it cheap. Not sure how much that will affect the economy.

This one was a bit of fluff... I can't help but think about the stories of Hitler in the final days sending commands to armies that only existed on his maps.

Now, I don't doubt that the technological capacity of the US can overwhelm the Iranians, but Iran repesents a much more difficult situation. It's highly likely that nukes will be dropped on iran in such a conflict.... and there are other countries that also have nukes that are not exactly US friendly either. I can see this turning into world war 3... and frankly how the world will give in to the 'new world order'.
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