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INFOWARS LIED!!! The False Contest Scandal

Rolling in money after the 2016 Election Cycle, many political outlets have looked to expand in preparation for the 2020 Re-Election campaign of Donald J Trump. Example Ben Shapiro's Dailywire was looking to aquire "The Blaze" from Glenn Beck! And in the case of Alex Jones and Infowars.com, there were talks of a brand new - 24 hour news service and they needed reporters!

The Infowars Reporter Contest was announced May 21st 2018. While it was commonly termed as the Infowars "Reporter Contest" - It was also described on site as their "Recruitment Drive" as well. The Deadline was set to July 4th 2018. That's 44 days for entries to come in. I would refer you to official videos of them announcing the contest, but sadly Youtube has deleted all Infowars content. Instead the link is:


The contest was simple. First, do a Paul Joseph Watson style - stand and talk video, where you discuss a story from Infowars. Second, do a video seated at a desk, where you provide commentary to two articles, written at Infowars. Lastly, do a street interview where you represent yourself as reporting, for Infowars - sensing a pattern here?

Then post it on Youtube, fill out a release form, and send it to Infowars.com - there you'll be entered to win up to 20,000 dollars in the reporter contest as well as likely being hired to work at Infowars for their 24 hour news service as well.

***By entering the contest you agree to let Infowars broadcast, upload, stream and post your work in part or in full

Also Note!
***It is strongly encouraged that you present yourself as reporting for Infowars.com and that you prominently display Infowars.com and Newswars.com or PrisonPlanet.com throughout your report.

Last Note!
***Please use Youtube.com or Facebook.com so entries may easily be embedded to Infowars & Newswars. Thank You.


Seems rather cut and dry wouldn't you say? But its been over two months since the contest deadline and still no word on any results. In fact, I've watched multiple episodes of InfoWars live shows and seen NOTHING on the topic. No mention of it at all, its like the team at Infowars is simply ignoring they ever launched a contest.... Well, that's not entirely true. Infowars has launched at least 6 articles on their site to capitalize off the reporter contest. Here's a couple -


And each of these articles simply links the work of people who have entered the contest. Before Disqus ended its relationship with infowars, you could easily see HUNDREDS of comments on these articles - demonstrating that they are eye catching, and they are creating user engagement!Chances are - THOUSANDS of page views and advertising clicks have been gained off the backs off the people who entered the Infowars reporter contest. But before we jump towards negativity, lets cut them some slack.

FIRSTLY - Infowars held a reporter contest back in 2012 where they definetly kept to their word.
Many of the entries are still online - just search "Infowars reporter contest 2012" to verify. Now the previous contest was announced March 24th 2012; there would be two winners, each receiving $5,000 and a reporter position at Infowars. The deadline was April 30th 2012 - and two winners WERE CHOSEN. But I don't think they work at Infowars any more - so who cares?

Now the first winner of the reporter contest was announced June 29th 2012. So from the deadline to announcing the winner was two months. This 2018 reporter contest - the deadline was July 4th, and two months have come and gone. Now we were cutting Infowars some slack, but look! Your last contest took two months to announce winners - this contest we're moving towards 3 months, maybe even 4 - And you won't AT LEAST offer an update on your progress sorting through entires.

SECONDLY - Alex Jones is being sued over his comments regarding the Sandy Hook Shooting, AND - He recently settled a lawsuit with Chobani Yogurt as well, AND the creator of Pepe the frog is suing Infowars as well... So perhaps legal issues behinds the scenes are slowing down the reporter contest?

THIRDLY - Infowars has been banned from basically everything. It was removed from Youtube, Facebook, Apple, & Spotify. Now some of these companies have backtracked, for example, Apple - but other companies joined the dog pile! Disqus, a discussion plugin for web articles, banned infowars. As well as Twitter. And isn't it strange that Twitter waited until AFTER their congressional hearings - to ban Infowars - so they could avoid being questioned on it. ALSO - isn't it strange that - (DELETED FOR WRONGTHINK)

BOTTOM LINE - if you want to comment on infowars articles uhhhh, you can't. So perhaps all the social media issues are slowing down the reporter contest? They're too busy with those issues to get around to the contest... But you'd think if that was the case, Infowars would just come out and say it - right? Alex would get on camera and say "The contest has been postponed while we deal with the lamestream media trying to silence us" - But instead - We've gotten no explanation! Nothing... And every hour of every day on his show, he doesn't even talk about the contest! Like he's ignoring it ever happened!

All I know is these 3 things
1) Infowars is ignoring they ever announced a contest
2) Their last contest only took 2 months, this one, we haven't even gotten an update in 2 months
3) Infowars is profiting off of the contest entries.

I actually entered this contest! We as contestants are nothing but advertisers - pushed to put infowars logos on our videos for the siren's song of winning cash prizes. Even if you're being sued on every end, at least tell us SOMETHING!!! I've emailed them, contacted their website, their reporters, and everywhere else! Not a peep. Before they were banned from Twitter - I even tweeted about it! I said - "If the contest is cancelled, at least tell us"

Its not even about the contest prizes anymore. If the contest is cancelled I can take down those videos. That way - you won't be raking in money based off my work. If the contest is cancelled - I can move on without this on the back of my mind - so honestly, here we are, I'm calling them out.

Infowars.com - Alex Jones! Is the contest cancelled or what? Why have you left us waiting for so long? And if the contest is NOT cancelled - when do you announce the winner? I'm linking tons of other infowars contest entries down below. Hundreds of us are waiting for your response.

In Conclusion! Alex Jones has time to be harassing Marco Rubio and making fun of Ben Shapiro, but he couldn't spare a single tweet or email to say "Contest Postponed" or "Contest Cancelled" - REALLY? Yet at the same time, Infowars has been publishing Reporter Contest Entries in order to make money off of OUR WORK! We, the viewers, that make the show possible - were offered cash prizes of up to 20,000 dollars if we won the contest - and now Alex Jones is being tight lipped and pretending he never announced the contest at all. I wouldn't be suprised if his response to this video, is to take down the contest posting and pretend it never existed! If he does this, he proves the world right in saying that Alex Jones is a liar and a crook out for his bottom dollar and nothing else. I DEMAND AN ANSWER. Cancel the contest! I don't care! But don't you dare try and play dumb or erase the past.

Thousands of people put their heart and soul into this Infowars Contest, only to be ignored.
Alex Jones, Infowars.com - I expected better.



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