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In Memoriam

Quid Pro Quo

Aug 29, 2005
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Fort Riley, KS
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I'm not sure if this really has a place here or not, and I would like to ask that if it is allowed to remain...that everyone put their politics aside and not post in debate format.

On the 12th, I lost my NCO and another NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in a vehicular accident near a main FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq. Their vehicle, an HMMWV, flipped due to IED. The driver, a PFC, was treated for minor injuries. SGT P was killed on contact, and SGT F passed a few minutes later in the arms of our friend.

SGT F and I drove many missions together, as I was his soldier...and outside of thinking it could have been me, I can feel no greater remorse than the feeling that I should still be there with them. I pray for them, their families, and the children...that are so very young...that they have left behind.

These two men were the epitome of what any soldier should be. They cared for me when I was lost, they put their foot where the sun doesn't shine when I was wrong, and they were hero's to everyone in their presence.

It pains me to think that I had just seen SGT F. but a few weeks ago when he came home on leave, to see his wife and kids. Two small weeks he spent with them, making promises...now that he can never keep.

I love you both, and miss you greatly.

Again, DP members, I wanted to share with you the impact that I feel with this loss...and hopefully, garner prayer for our soldiers.

-PFC Eric W.
US Army
More than just numbers, they were your friends and your life is changed.
My condolences.
Good men doing their duty. God speed.
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