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Ignoring the Facts on the IRS


May 11, 2013
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By Eliana Johnson
August 21, 2013

House Democrats pretend, unconvincingly, that the agency was neutral toward tea-part​

It’s the lie that won’t die.[/B]

House Democrats are not backing away from their claim that the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of groups applying for tax exemption was politically neutral. Representatives Elijah Cummings and Sander Levin on Tuesday hauled forth another tranche of documents that they say highlight “IRS scrutiny of progressive groups.” It is the duo’s sixth such effort, but this one, Cummings says, “should put a nail in the coffin” of the GOP’s claims that the agency’s actions were politically motivated or aimed exclusively at conservative organizations. That’s because, according to Levin, the latest papers show that IRS scrutiny “covered a broad spectrum of political ideology.” In fact, the documents show just the opposite.

Cummings and Levin, the ranking Democrats on the congressional committees investigating the IRS scandal, make claims that contradict the testimony of key witnesses, who have told investigators that progressive groups were not targeted. The latest is Cindy Thomas, the 35-year IRS veteran who ran the agency’s Cincinnati office during the two-year period when tea-party applications were thrown under the microscope.


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Yes, It's the Democrats lie that won't die. Just like any criminal.


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Posting an editorial from a highly partisan source to claim others are ignoring facts is ****ing hilarious.
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