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Id rather not.


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May 19, 2004
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I found this in a blog I frequent. Good stuff.
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First, CBS News got booted off the airways in Rather's near-hometown of Houston:

"I felt no anchor ... should ever be the story or bigger than the story," Ken Charles, program director of the news-talk station, said Monday. "I thought it was appropriate to take him off the air."...

"For right now, I'm not convinced there's any reason to put him back on the radio station," said Charles, whose station lineup includes opinion-based talk shows of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. "Until CBS or somebody is able to do that, I feel like there's no place for Dan Rather on KPRC."

Second, Republican businessman Doug Forrester is funding a media campaign calling for Rather's departure:

Forrester's campaign is to be waged on radio, television and the Internet starting Tuesday. Advertisements have been submitted to air in the Philadelphia and New York markets for the next several weeks on the major networks as well as cable channels, including CNN.

Forrester is also the force behind DanRatherMustGo.com.

And how did I miss the story about a Texas Republican that's trying to oust a Democrat incumbent using Rather in his ad campaign:

The spot makes references to Sandlin's "negative" ads. The narrator says about the ads, quote: "They've got more holes than a CBS News story by Dan Rather."

The ad then shows a newspaper clipping with Rather's photo and the headline "CBS apologizes for Bush Guard story."

I would defend the radio station's decision not to air Rather . It is a business that has the right to choose what is on the air from it's signal. Rather is supposed to be a news outlet , while the other personalities aired on Charles' station are opinion and talk shows.
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