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I wish to apologize.... But still, not that much


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Jun 14, 2020
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This forum can be a lot of fun. This election isn't though. I disagree, vehemently with a lot of what I read and hear here, but in 99% of all cases, I've found the interacrtion to be enjoyable and a great way to waste away long boring quarantine hours.

If I ever REALLY offend or hurt anyone's feelings with my snark and sarcasm, it was honestly never really my intention. I realize sometimes that can happen. My sarcastic or snyde remark isn't the cause, but life, circumstance, a plethora of reasons, sometime even the best, most easygoing among us can take something personally, whether or not it was intended to be personal or not. No one is perfect of course.

Obviously I HATE the Trump® presidency, but IDC about Trump® himself much. I certinly have no actual personal animosity, other than his role as POTUS, and yes, if he is the fake rich playboy commiting crimes, like it appears to many of us, yeah I'd love to see him finally face conseuences. As a person, TBH I feel pity....

I think any president, can't POSSIBLY know, or be ready for the kind of backlash of the job, and then forever, being an former pres...

It's sad for his family too, the whole presidency IMO was a mistake...

Anyway I'm getting off my point....

I hope everyone, even the posters whose posts, I hates the most, have fun at DP and wish you well in life. It can get heated, but if it ever feels personal, really I try to mean it all in fun. I hope you all do to...

Elections, damn I can't wait till it's all behind us more than anything.....[/serious]

Trump® will steal your MASK if elected, JUST when you HAVE to get in Costco and they've.....

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