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I am not trying to infringe on your rights.

Stop assuming that I wish the government would kick your door open and throw you in jail just because I am not willing to secede notions that certain things are harmful. This says more about you being a tyrant than it does me.

This is how I think.
1. X is harmful to Z person
2. Z person should work on X on his own
3. That's it. There is nothing after this or before this. X is harmful and Z person should realize that on his own and work on it on his own. That's all. There is absolutely nothing more to this.

This is how you think.
1. I want X to be legal/protected
2. If I say X is harmful, it hurts my chance at getting this made legal/protected
3. I must believe that X is always harmless
4. Because I think this way for the things I want and value, I am going to think that people will think the opposite when people view X as harmless.
5. I am going to think that because you don't value it as an individual, you are going to give moral sanction to it's prohibition and it's enforcement
6. You are therefore taking my rights away
7. Now I get to yell at you because I'm fighting for my rights

I would ask you to stop thinking this way but you're going to picket my lawn because you think I am trying to take your crappy logic rights away.
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