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How many attachs have been thwarted since 9/11.


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Aug 24, 2010
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I live about two miles from Fort Dix in NJ. In 2007 the attempt to bomb the base was big news around here. When I spoke to friends from around the country, only a few even knew about it. I was surprised to find out the national news barely covered the story. In a time when many Americans feel that not enough is being done at home I find it hard to believe that every single possible thwarted attack wouldn't be capitalized upon if for no other reason than to make the country feel safe. I also had lived in Princeton during the anthrax scare and the fear was palpable. It makes sense to keep some of this from us and I'm sure for security reasons there is much kept from us but the incident in 2007 makes me wonder how many small local busts never made my news page.
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