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How Katrina benefits Republicans


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Apr 16, 2005
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America (A.K.A., a red state)
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Louisiana is a blue state surrounded by red states with gargantuan Republican majorities. Millions have fled Louisiana to these surrounding red states and many aren't coming back. There's no way these refugees are going to topple these 80% or so majorities in states like Mississippi, Texas, etc.

Most of the people leaving are poor-they are the ones who had no insured property and no reason to come back. They are also black. Being that only Democrats will fuel the paranoid bigotry of the black community by helping them blame society for their station in life, many of them are also Democrats.

So, many of Louisiana's Democrats are leaving to places where they will become a part of the minority, while aggressive commercial development and rebuilding are coming to Louisiana (which will bring more Republicans).

Do you think Louisiana is about to go red?
I thought Louisiana was a red state?

At least, it was in 2000 and 2004.
JuliusCaesar said:
I thought Louisiana was a red state?

At least, it was in 2000 and 2004.

Louisiana WAS a RED state in 2000 AND 2004.
IMHO The poster just wanted to get in a dig about black people!

Oh Hum!!! Another great post by a "REPUBLICAN"!!!:roll: :roll:
You're a sick puppy. No wonder your threads get locked.
it would depend on how many democrats go back as opposed to how many republicans go back.
This topic is borderline pseudo-racist and a sad attempt at partisan grandstanding in a time of trudge.

Go say hi to Kanye West and Jesse Jackson you could all be buddies.
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