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House Projects


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Mar 11, 2006
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So right now I'm working to replace moisture barrier under the house. I have an old house with a partial basement, so I can enter the crawl space from there. So yesterday I was under there cleaning out debris like bricks, wood, old hot water heat pipes, and old moisture barrier. It's fun stuff bagging all that up in contractor trash bags, and dragging it outside. So a buddy is going to help me put down the new barrier after the cleaning is done. Going to use a black rubber tape to adhere the 10 mil clear plastic to the inside of the brick walls about a foot up. That will greatly reduce humidity in the basement and house.
Cool idea for a thread.

Recently converted attic space into a studio off the home office and renovated the office itself.

Studio - Moved the HVAC unit (only thing hired out), ran AC/heat to the space, ran electricity for wall plugs, installed new lighting, carpet, repair, and paint.

Office - remove carpet, installed hardwood floor, framed out window, removed popcorn ceiling, repair, and paint.
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