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Horrifying hypocrisy in a liberal city that went mostly for Obama.

"I come first, and the hell with everyone else" is as much a statement of one's actions as it is anyone's creed.

Few times does it ever become more evident than on Monday, December 3rd, 2012, when a man named Ki-Suck Han was shoved off a New York Subway platform in front of an oncoming train. Dozens of people stood by and watched while he tried to get out of the way of an oncoming train and was struck and killed. Worse than that, a photographer named R. Umar Abbasi stood by and snapped a photo of Han's failed attempt to escape harm and his final moments of life, which he later sold for a profit.

A more undiluted example of the culture of selfishness and cold blooded profiteering would be hard to find. Even more shocking, however, is the fact that this happened in New York. The same people who came to the world for help after Hurricane Sandy and who came together to help each other after 9/11, just stood by and watched this man die. He had 22 seconds to try and scramble to safety and no one made a move to come and pull him up. Libertarianism, for example, would say "if he's not strong enough to pull himself up, it's his fault that he died" - or, at least, in all honesty, they would say that if someone hadn't in fact pushed Han in there and the fall had been some kind of accident instead.

"I can't be bothered to intervene, I can't be made to give a damn. If only I had a camera to snap a prize winning photo." If that wasn't the creed of the photographer and the crowd that watched Han die, it was most certainly their actions. It is not irrational to assume that most of that crowd that watched Han die, identify as liberals when it comes time to vote. What is absolutely beyond dispute is that this horrifying act of selfishness happened IN A LIBERAL CITY.

I can see liberals getting angry and saying "That wasn't all of us! I would have intervened!" Well, you very well may have. I hope and pray that if someone is endangered near me, that I can intervene effectively. But no one can deny that a crowd of New Yorkers, in a majority liberal pro-Obama city, just stood by and watched that man die. It happened, that can never be untrue. A whole crowd of people and not one person intervened. THIS HAPPENED IN A LIBERAL CITY. The New York Post, the 7th largest (by circulation) newspaper in America, is also deeply culpable. That company should be censured. Each of those people who stood by and watched Han die should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Abbasi should donate his profits to charity: it is blood money.

All liberals, from keyboard warriors to anyone short of first responders, ought to stop and ask yourself how you'd really react if this unfolded in front of you. I already did a bunch of my own soul-searching, since I've never been in such a situation. I can, I will talk all day about how I would intervene in a heartbeat, but I see that a whole crowd of able bodied people did not, and it put the knock in my knees. As a liberal I am especially bound to help others and to fail as horribly as these New Yorkers did would ruin me. Just thinking about it is bad enough.

I can't for the life of me understand how so many people would stand by while this happened. There's something awful lurking in the human soul that would keep people from intervening in that situation. And it wasn't the first time that this demon jumped out and took over a bunch of people. Kitty Genovese and Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax should come to mind. Esmin Green, a woman who died in a Brooklyn hospital, should also come to mind. All of these other two incidents happened in liberal New York. I don't care if it happens in podunk Red State; actually, I do, but what I mean is we liberals preach against this kind of "take care of yourself, I can't be bothered to help" mentality, and this lethal example of apathy happened in a liberal city.

How can we expect others to care about those in need when, and this is an irrefutable fact, a crowd watches someone die needlessly IN A LIBERAL CITY??? That irony is not lost upon others, least of all God, for those who are of faith.

Don't get mad at me for pointing this out. Instead channel that disdain, indignation or anger toward figuring out how we can prevent this in the future. How can we make it so crowds don't just stand by while someone dies, IN A LIBERAL CITY??? Yeah, that's a tougher task.

If we're going to tell the world that people need to give a **** about others, then first we need to establish New York City and other liberal bastions as places where people consistently and reliably help those in distress. That is an inescapable law of cause and effect. Failure to do so will continue to propagate the problem.
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