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Here we go..it's starting


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May 19, 2004
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Source: GOPUSA

Initial indications show massive vote counting discrepancies two days before early voting begins LAS CRUCES - In a stunning finding, a test on early voting machines in Dona Ana County proved that thousands of ballots will go uncounted if the voting machines are not fixed before Election Day.

State Senator Rod Adair (R-Chaves), a court-qualified expert demographer who served as a representative for the Republican Party, developed the test used by Dona Ana Republicans on Thursday and found that at least 4% of votes would not be counted in the presidential races, statewide balloting, congressional races and county races. Internal errors in the software prevented all votes in legislative races from being counted.

''It is astounding to be 18 days from the election and have a test prove that 4% of the ballots are not being counted,'' said Adair.
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