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Helping the Dimwitted Ocasio Cortez

She is so incompetent, she cannot even figure out how one can rent an apartment.

Here... let me assist the dimwit Congresswoman:

A) She has a job, making $174,000.

B) Her Westchester County yap has been in the press for months.

Here is what you do Frau Cortez:

1. Telephone a bunch of people renting.

2. Tell them who you are.

3. Tell them your projected income. If they do not believe you, tell them to check out the pay scale of Congressmen online. And/Or, email them this and other applicable information.

4. Negotiate a deal which is palatable to one of these renters. Perhaps you can offer increased rent in lieu of paying later.

See Frau Cortez... it’s not too complicated. But for you... obviously it is.

And you, dimwit... will be responsible for legistlation affecting our lives. God Help Us.

PS> If she is so dimwitted as to not be able to figure this out, if she is so dimwitted she makes this public... what the **** is she doing in Congress? ... This... “The Future of the Democrat Party”... It’d be ROTFLMFAO... if it were a comedy or SNL skit... but it’s not... (facepalm)


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Dec 5, 2015
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