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Oct 15, 2005
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I'm a 17 Year old from Central NJ, USA

I am a Democrat because of the last four years. From “Floridagate” to the re-inauguration forty million dollar plus extravaganza for President George Walker Bush I have lost all respect for the Republican Party. It is true that both my parents consider themselves to be democrats, but I like to think that my thoughts are my own, and that I have come about my conclusions by listening to both sides of the argument, examining my own conscience, and by doing research. Another reason why I consider myself a democrat is because of my stance and social issues i.e. abortion, the death penalty, stem cell research, gay marriage, and not jamming religion down other people’s throats.

Up until 2004 if you asked me what political party I associated myself with I would have told you that I refuse to label myself, and that labels lead to stereotypes, and very few people actually fall right in line with all a party’s political plat forms, but having summed up the passed four years even though I do not agree one hundred percent with the Democratic party’s platform I agree with them enough and respect them enough, even though they have many faults, to proudly call myself a democrat.

I am a democrat because this administration, with the support of democrats and republicans in the House and Senate, took us to war based on erroneous intelligence and in some cases flat out misrepresentations of the truth such as the “yellow cake” comment in the state of the union address, and “The smoking gun could become a mushroom cloud”. I am a democrat because this administration took us to war with out a plan to win the peace believing that flower petals would be thrown at out feet, their incompetence lead to the deaths of over thirteen hundred American soldiers and has cost the American tax payers over 200 billion dollars. To make matters worse to this day no-one has been held accountable for the mistakes that have been made, and some even refuse to admit mistakes have been made.

I am a democrat because during the past four years we’ve moved backwards on our standards towards the environment. We only have one planet and I believe that we need to do our best to protect it so future generations can marvel at her beauty no matter how displeasing and/or costly it is to polluters. We were told that the oil from Iraq would all but pay for the invasion if that is true there should be no need for us to drill in the Alaskan wild life reserve, unless that is we want to argue that the Caribou are a threat to the American people.

I am a democrat because I feel that the irresponsible fiscal policy of this republican administration has endangered my future. I believe that we should pay as we go and not pass the bill on to future generations, and borrow large amounts of money from countries like China. I also feel that the outsourcing of American jobs to cheep foreign slave labor is a disgrace and incentives need to be made to try to level the playing field for hard working American citizens.

I am a democrat because I feel that the “No child left behind act” was unfair to children with disabilities. I am a democrat because I feel that a law making abortion illegal would not only not be affective in reducing the number of abortions, it would lead to the deaths of thousands of women in dark allies using coat hangers. I feel that the best way to reduce the number of abortions is by educating young women on their options, and reducing the poverty level. I am a democrat because I believe all people regardless of age, race, and sexual preference should be entitled to the same rights and respect, this includes the right to from a legal bond to seal a loving relationship without he government getting involved, and telling them what they can and can not do. I am a democrat because I feel that the death penalty is totally ineffective and over used. Ninety nine point nine, nine percent of the time when a person is going to commit a heinous crime they are not thinking of the consequences of their action. They must be punished for what they did, and should receive life in prison and life out the rest of their days alone in a small cell. I am a democrat because I am open to accept science as fact, and not just dismiss it because some book written by men two-thousand years ago says something else.

I am a democrat because I love this country but I feel it is headed down the wrong path. I hope with every fiber of my being that I am wrong about this administration, but because of its irresponsibility, sometimes incompetence, and refusal to hold anyone accountable for their actions I can no longer trust the Republican Party, in the same way again. I feel that the views and actions of the Democratic Party are more in line with my own, and I’d be more likely to trust them. In the end regardless of party and religion we are all Americans and we are all in his together, and we should all come together and strive for the common good.
Welcome to Debate Politics and also good first post.

I am not a democrat but I am a liberal so I suppose my ideas to tend to agree with democrats but you have to keep in mind that loyalty to only the democratic party and against the republicans is dangerous. The fact is that the Democrats and Republicans nowadays don't seem to differ very much when it comes the whole 'Doing whats right' thing. that is why I show no loyalty to either party. Both parties, (in my opinion) are represented by corrupt politicians though they do have some very good ones (Kucinich for dems McCain for Reps) so I think it is pointless to constantly defend the democrats and constantly attack republicans. Not that I'm saying you will do that. Just making a comment.

Anyways welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Hello knicksin2010!:2wave:


Although I disagree with the majority of your post, it was concise and thought-driven nonetheless, and you are to be admired for that...especially at an age that has not yet had the privilege to vote...

You and I will probably butt heads on a few issues, but know that you have immediately gained some respect from this member from the other side of the aisle...

Now don't blow it!;)
Bravo! Excellent first post.

The only statement I agree with is this:
I believe that we should pay as we go and not pass the bill on to future generations, and borrow large amounts of money from countries like China.

Yet, even though I thouroughly disagree with just about everything else - you are admired by exclaiming your thoughts to the world. I like your other thoughts on your fanspace page as well. Good stuff.
Oh bah, i hope we dont have another Canuck or Billo! But by the looks of this portion "I am a Democrat because of the last four years. From “Floridagate” ", we might just have! But welcome!:D
HelloKnicksin2010, great first post! I really don't consider myself a Democrat, but I'm definetly not a Republican.
Welcome to the community knicksin2010! :2wave:



Thanks all!

Just a note about my user name, which I use on many boards, and has confused some. I'm refering to the Knicks NBA basketball team not the former president.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.
galenrox said:
Y'all bastards stole Eddy Curry from us!!!
Eddie Curry has an irregular heartbeat...So before the Bulls would sign him to a long term deal, they wanted to get a DNA sample from him to do some tests on him...He refused...

The Bulls thought the risk was too great, so they moved him...It seems the Knicks are willing to sign him without getting the DNA samples...

I don't like basketball...I just happened to read that article last night...
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