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Have you ever had anti-war thoughts?

Have you ever had anti-war thoughts?

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Nov 4, 2020
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Have you ever had anti-war thoughts?
Have you ever had anti-war thoughts?
Sure...after I've been in a war.

Just to be clear, I've been in wars three times in my life and skirmishes another couple times. It's always worse afterward.
Yes. From wars in my lifetime time, I’ve opposed the Iraq War, the US drone strike program, the war in Yemen, Israeli bombings of Gaza, ISIS’s attacks, and the Russian invasions of Ukraine and Georgia.

I also have strong opinions against historical US involvement in Vietnam.
Have I ever had "anti-war thoughts?"


............. Ever?

What's the premise here? That the prevailing sentiment among most is for war?
All the time, every war is stupid. But if someone starts war and violence, you have to respond. Afghanistan I was for at least getting Bin laden, but that was bungled. Iraq was a ****ing disgrace and I do find it somewhat hypocritical all the rallying behind Ukraine when the US bombed and murdered an innocent country under falst pretenses. Granted, little different a democracy vs a dictators like Saddam, but it was atrocious. I guess when it comes to people of color peopel don't care so much about their plight in war torned place.

Vietnam was a disgrace as well. WWII was like the last noble conflict the US got involved, and that was out of necessity thanks to war mongering assholes
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