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Guest Worker Program Slammed In Senate Testimony For Hurting Americans


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Jul 31, 2005
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Its shame that too many elected officials suck the testicles of big business instead of caring about their fellow Americans.

Senate Testimony: Guestworker Program Hurts Americans | The Daily Caller
Witnesses at a Senate hearing Wednesday shot down the idea that there is a shortage of low-skill and unskilled American workers that need to be filled by guest-workers, arguing that the program lowers wages and hurts Americans.
“There is absolutely no evidence that we have a shortage of workers to do the kinds of jobs typically done by H-2B workers. Real wages for less-educated Americans show stagnation or decline,” Steven Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies, testified in front of the Senate subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest.
He added, “Analysis by occupation of the kinds of jobs done by H-2B workers also shows little to no wage growth or outright decline. If there was a shortage of such workers, as proponents of the program argue, wages should be rising rapidly as desperate employers bid up wages.”
The H-2B program was created for American employers to hire temporary foreign labor when U.S workers are unavailable. According to the language of the statute, it is to be used “if unemployed persons capable of performing such service or labor cannot be found in this country.”

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