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Sep 30, 2005
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Venice, FL
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I appreciate the purpose of this debate forum and the peoples proclivity for intellectual discussion of provincial or foreign issues. In this new era of unconventional enemies and serious issues, one must conjure the voice to remonstrate or reflect upon the decisions made by government to insure those decisions do not infringe upon his or hers own equitable and inalienable rights. Although, being an American citizen, I am pelted with propaganda, illusive words, and promises by superior figures attempting to persuade me to believe their political ideology. I hope that it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen on the television and radio, but I find believing in one narrow view point is indulging yourself into an illusion of hope or reality.

Perhaps due to my inquisitiveness or simple lack of understanding of political views. I often ask myself “What do I feel about this particular issue?”. Is it enough to simply feel strongly about an issue? Is it necessary to research the facts and construct an appropriate opinion that may or may not register with ones personality?

To be honest, I am in a state of confusion and indecision. I have no realistic political opinion or religious views. Not having knowledge of where exactly I fit inside of the political spectrum is a vitriolic feeling. In this light, I will read other peoples views in order to decide exactly what I feel comfortable in supporting.

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